Advertising and Partnerships

We’ll work with your brand to creatively share your story.
Sharing it with thousands of Nerds who come to Nerd Out
for the best Geeky events!

Advertising and Partnerships

We’ll shine the Bat Signal into the sky! Release the ravens to the Seven Kingdoms! Send it across the galaxy! All to promote your event or company to an audience of Nerds and Geeks.

As part of our Advertising and Partnerships plans we use reviews and giveaways to help you expand your audience. We also utilize our website, social media outlets, and Top 5 Events newsletter. Our Top 5 Events newsletter delivers our users the BEST events in their area as well as awesome giveaways and discounts. Think Groupon for Nerds. As well as other creative tactics to reach your target audience.

Our Past Clients

We’ve worked with companies such as Disney, Espionage Cosmetics, Wizard World and many more! In the past we’ve promoted events such as Pirate Con put together by the Maritime Museum of San Diego. VRLA which is a Virtual Reality convention held in Los Angeles. Rave of Thrones headlined by Kristian Nairn of Game of Thrones fame. As well as many, many more! Feel free to check out our current promotional giveaways as well!

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Advertising and Partnerships