Cosplay Meetups at San Diego Comic Con

Have you checked out the cosplay meetups at San Diego Comic Con yet? Prep for San Diego Comic Con is in full swing! Now is the time to lock down what you’ll be cosplaying as! I, myself have made my choices and used the list of meet ups on Nerd Out to help me figure […]

Find Your Gaming Family at Gamer’s Guild

Gamer’s Guild is more than just another game store. This is coming both from the perspective of a customer and a volunteer employee (kinda). I’ve never encountered a more family oriented and welcoming bunch of people than the owner Dave and his family. They have become something of a second family to my wife and […]

Nerd Out Joining SherlockeDCC

Nerd Out joining SherlockeDCC! We’re joining forces with the Baker Street Babes and SherlockDC to bring you SherlockeDCC! San Diego Comic Con is the biggest party of the year, so what better place is there to have the biggest Sherlock Holmes bash of the year? SherlockeDCC SherlockeDCC is once again back at it! We return […]

Geeky Teas

Get Geeky at Geeky Teas in Los Angeles

Geeky Teas is one of my favorite nerdy locations in Los Angeles! Not only do they have amazing fandom inspired teas (I got the Buffy one), but they host a number of events! Geek Teas Events Doctor Whosday, Nerd Knit Night, Free to Play Tabletop, and more! They have a room just for gaming! How […]

Nerd Out

Dear Lovely Nerd Out App Supporter

Exactly one year ago today I came up with the idea of Nerd Out. I was driving on my way home from work when it hit me. My life has changed completely since that moment. For those of you who don’t know, I thought up the app because of my blog, Your Friend Elle. I […]

Women In Comics NYC Collective International

When I am asked how Women in Comics NYC Collective International, (WinC NYC for short), was formed, I always try to keep my answer concise for the interviewer’s sake. But it is so much more than the sum of its basic parts: We are industry professionals, we love comics, and we are women. What we […]

i will never grow up gaming

I Will Never Grow Up Gaming

I Will Never Grow Up is a small hobby company with big ambitions. It was started in 2012 by a couple of goofy but avid tabletop gamers looking to share their passion with the world. In the beginning I Will Never Grow Up was meant to be a game review, and casual hobby news website […]

Download to Donate for DubSmashWars

Last month we took part in celebrating 50 years of Shield! The Marvel Report and Nerd Out helped to bring awareness to the #DubSmashWars. The DubSmash Wars started between the cast of Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD in an effort to have the best DubSmash. Using the challenge to raise money for charity. SHIELD supporting […]

Cosplay Dreams 3D, A Love Letter to Cosplay

Cosplay Dreams 3D documentary film takes the world of cosplay and breaks it down into its simplest form. What draws people to cosplay, what they love about cosplay, and what they have taken away from their experiences encompass the heart of the film. This structure makes it an easily digestible film for those who are […]