Call for Officers

Would You Like to be a Nerd Squad Officer?

Nerd Out Squad is an extension of Nerd Out App. Looking to meet new people? Now is your chance! Nerd Out Squad plans meetups for nerds. Everything from gatherings at Conventions to Wonder Woman movie meetups.

Why Create a Squad?

We’ve attended a number of cosplay meetups. Originally we thought “how amazing to meet all these fans of (fill in the blank) fandom!” However, at all of these cosplay meet ups, the photo is taken and then everyone disbands. It’s become more about the photo than actually interacting with others. So instead, our goal is to be about getting to know each other. A Nerd Squad Officer’s job is to make sure everyone feels welcomed and included. The goal is to get people to¬†“Find Friends. Do Cool Stuff.”

Requirements: Planning meetups for your area. Attending them as a Nerd Out Squad Officer to oversee the event. Making sure it is a welcoming and safe space for attendees.

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