gallifrey one

Gallifrey One Outfits for Time Lords and Time Ladies

The 29 Voyages of Gallifrey One, will take place this weekend, February 16-18, 2018! I’ll be attending the convention for a 3rd time! Ridiculously excited to see all the Whovians who will be in town for the convention. I know some fans travel quite far to attend the Doctor Who gathering. For those unfamiliar with […]

wayward sisters

Supernatural Inspired Outfit for Wayward Sisters

Who’s excited for the possibility of the Wayward Sisters TV show?!? I certainly am! “Wayward was an idea that was born when Alex Jones went to live with Jody Mills in season 9, followed by Claire Novak doing the same in season 10. It was an idea that the fandom latched onto — creating campaigns […]

221b baker street

The Art of Fashion at 221B Baker Street

We’re thrilled you guys have been loving the #NerdingOut posts so much! Last week we shared with you our Southside Serpent/Jughead Jones outfit. This week we are delighted to bring you this 221B Baker Street outfit for your next murder mystery adventure! With Sherlocked Con USA just around the corner, this Sherlockian outfit is perfect […]

A Colorful World of Comics Inspired Jewelry

+3 to Charisma is a nerdy lifestyle company owned and operated by a geeky woman (me!) and her gamer guy who love quality, handcrafted comic book jewelry and accoutrements. All their products are designed to boost your personal charisma stats and to help you better express your love for the nerd, geek, science, gamer and […]

geeky gift guide

Last Minute Geeky Gift Guide

We’re in the home stretch of the holidays! With Hanukkah nearly done and Christmas just around the corner, I know you’re keeping an eye out for something special. I know I’ve been shopping for white elephant office parties and gifts for colleagues. This list was really hard to narrow down as there is so much […]

star wars apparel

Join the Darkside With Prophecy Girl Apparel

I love seeing new talent on the geeky clothing market. Prophecy Girl popped onto my feed a new months back and I was instantly impressed with the multitude of nerdy prints! I started a dialogue with her shortly after and we discussed her upcoming pieces. One such item is the “Dark Side Of The Moon” […]

Alston Stephanus with a Vintage Twist on Nerding Out

Nerding Out with Alston Stephanus Comic-Con International 2014 in San Diego marked my very first cosplay experience. As an accessories designer and a big nerd, dressing up for Cons came very natural. It was not long until I began #NerdingOut as a way of expressing my interests in my everyday style. About seven years ago […]

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