Cosplay Meetups at San Diego Comic Con

Have you checked out the cosplay meetups at San Diego Comic Con yet? Prep for San Diego Comic Con is in full swing! Now is the time to lock down what you’ll be cosplaying as! I, myself have made my choices and used the list of meet ups on Nerd Out to help me figure out which day to wear which of my outfits! I won’t tell you just yet what my outfits are, but one is Disney and the other is Game of Thrones.

With that in mind it was easy to decided to wear the Game of Thrones outfit on Saturday as that’s when the GoT meet up and photoshoot is. And of course, Friday for the Disney outfit as that’s when the Disney event is. (The Disney event is in a ticketed area, so I may not be able to attend the actual meet up, however do say hi if you see me!) Nerd Out is super simple to use! If you haven’t already check out our How To video!

Nerd Out App Calendar

To see the SDCC meet ups go to Calendar > California > San Diego. Then you can hit the drop down at the top and selection Conventions. From there you can view all the events happening during San Diego Comic Con! Trust me, there’s so much on there that you couldn’t possibly do it all! But that’s the great part, you have plenty of options! Below is just some of the Cosplay meet ups listed on Nerd Out!

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  1. I am looking for a group like this . It is next to hard to get to the San Diego comic con convention . Been to two Wonder Con’s this one just last week was at the last day on Sunday got dress up as Thor as the same as the other two in Long Beach . Hope I see you guys at the Comic Con at Ontario, California .

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