Creating a Sansa Stark Warrior Cosplay

To say I’m new to cosplay is an under statement. While I have many friends who are into it so far as they make sure to get screen accurate costumes, I’m not nearly that much involved. For me cosplay is like an extra day of Halloween. It gives you another excuse to dress up as whomever you’d like.

By far the most difficult part of cosplay for me is the budgeting. I have to maintain my budget and cosplay follows that suit. Part of why I’ve chosen the cosplays I have in the past is that I can wear pieces of them in everyday life. They aren’t con only attire. I like to maintain this balance so that I don’t feel so bad shelling out $100+ for a piece of clothing (my Dark Swan, Once Upon a Time coat). It’s much easier to justify if I know it’s something I can wear on any day of the week.

sansa stark cosplay

This year at San Diego Comic Con I wanted to do a Game of Thrones character. I had wanted to do Margaery Tyrell for a long time but couldn’t fathom spending hundreds of dollars on a dress. I can’t sew to save my life so making it wasn’t an option. After this recent season I really got behind Sansa Stark. She finally took control of her situation and has really come full circle. Knowing that summer in San Diego is most certainly 80+ degrees I knew wearing a dress, if I could have even afforded one, wasn’t going to work. Having seen many spins on other cosplays I decided to do that myself, and came up with Warrior Sansa. Let’s be honest, after seeing her ride in to save Jon Snow’s butt, it wasn’t hard to imagine Sansa as a bad ass warrior anymore.

sansa stark cosplay

I decided to base the outfit on one of her dresses that I had liked. It also has an easily recognizable necklace so that made it easier for people to identify me. People recognizing who I was cosplaying as was a major concern of mine. So much so that I tested the outfit out on three different friends.

Picking what to wear started with looking at what I currently owned. I had boots, black pants from a Katniss Everdeen outfit I had bought, and a sword I’ve been meaning to use for another cosplay. Everything else had to be purchased.

sansa stark cosplay

I tried to pick pieces I could use again. Corset from Corset Deal, yep, can use that for future outfits. The black shirt I had to hot glued feathers onto so that was going to be a one outfit piece. Fortunately, the feathers and shirt didn’t cost more than $20 total. The shield was the only piece I had to either buy or build. Looking at prices online, there was no way I was going to buy one. Luckily, I found this video on how to build one. I modified my shield from this video by hot gluing the face of the dire wolf and adding metal rivets I found at Michaels for a dollar. I really love how my shield turned out. Added benefit to it not being real is that it wasn’t heavy at all!

I also purchased that recognizable necklace from etsy seller LadyAglarwenCosplay. Finally, I had ordered hair extensions. The first order I did wound up being out of stock. The second was too dark. The third didn’t make it in time. Needless to say I didn’t wear any extensions. I plan on using the ones that arrived late at a future con. None the less, I think my hair still looked pretty good even if it wasn’t as long as Sansa’s. I really enjoyed cosplaying Sansa Stark, especially with my own spin.

Have you ever cosplayed an original character, or one with a spin?

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  1. Ok…. just want to throw out there, I have never taken a sewing class and my first few cosplays were repurposed and "modified clothes" I then graduated to buying cheap crap from China off Ebay and "remaking" it. My Nymeria was this horrendous lemon yellow hooker dress. After realizing I had cut and re-sewn every inch of the dress except the zipper, I bit the bullet and ripped it out to. This year I am proud to say Karsi was 100% all me, from pattern to Dark art of Macrame. So in less then 4 yrs I can sew (sorta don't look underneath any of my stuff) Ok yah know what never mind…you spent 1/2 the time a LOT less money and look FANTASTIC (say that in the 9th Doctor voice) Bravo !! now I need to go make that shield !!! and then see if I can modify in to a Legratha

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