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The nation’s capital is getting ready once again to welcome Awesome Con! D.C.’s largest comic con and sci-fi fest is back with guests from every fandom. The event features cosplayers, panelists, indie film and comic creators, and more.

Awesome Con Media Guests

Excelsior! It all starts with the man himself, Stan Lee! The Spider-Man and Fantastic Four creator will celebrate his love of comics with fans. Need a fix from The Walking Dead? King Ezekiel himself, Chary Payton, will be there. (No word on appearances from his pet tiger, Shiva, however.) Feeling Whovian? David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor, will bend time and space to appear. Have a craving for the CW? Come see John Barrowman (Arrow) and Felicia Day (Supernatural).

Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee

Voice Talent

Awesome Con brings together plenty of voice actors as well. Celebrate the return of Samurai Jack with Phil Lamarr. Travel to some Uncharted lands with Nolan North. Hear from Sean Schemmel on his work on Dragonball Z. Meet Metal Gear‘s Snake himself, David Hayter.

Voice Actor Phil Lamar


Cosplay is welcome and appreciated at Awesome Con. Featured cosplayers include Ani-Mia (Otaku magazine), Stella Chuu, and Yaya Han (Heroes of Cosplay). Cosplay contests and skill building events fill the schedule. Cosplayers and costumers of all skill levels are welcome. The event includes daily contests for adults and kids alike.

Awesome Con, Jr.

Awesome Con has three days of family-friendly guests, activities, and events, and the headquarters for all this is Awesome Con Jr! Bring the kids to the Awesome Con Jr. pavilion to learn to draw super heroes, create your own costume, and pose for pictures with some of your favorite good guys (and bad guys, too)!

Other Activities

Awesome Con includes some other unusual activities. The Backlot features actual props used in TV and films and amazing fan replicas. This area is dedicated to highlighting fan groups. The Science Fair talks and exhibits shine a spotlight on new horizons in scientific discovery.

For more information, schedule and tickets, check out the Official Site.

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