Women in Tech Show

Michelle Jensen founder of Nerd Out, talks about her path to becoming a female founder and her app that helps you find your community IRL, not just online.

Ep 035 - Nerd Out App

This episode is with Elle Jensen, all over the socials as Your Friend Elle. She is bringing nerds together with her app, Nerd Out, a calendar of amazing nerdy events in a ton of amazing locations! Download it today!

Geekscape 429: Nerding Out With Michelle Jensen!

Our friend Michelle Jensen drops by Geekscape this week to tell us all about her Nerd Out App and how it can helps us geeks find things to do! Looking for a geek screening, party or event? Want to post one for yourself? Nerd Out App is the way to go! On top of that, Kenny tells us about how he ALMOST made it to Twitch Con and loves killing innocent people to classic hits in ‘Mafia III’!

Crazy 4 Comic Con

Just in time for San Diego Comic-Con, the Nerd Out App is now Live! My friend Elle has come out with Nerd Out: The only app nerds need!

‘Nerd Out’ App Helps You Track Geeky Events In Your City

If you’re tired of having to keep track of Facebook events and many other sites not to miss any geeky events are you, then Nerd Out is here to make things way easier for you.

Geek Wolfpack Podcast - Episode 6

Geek Wolfpack Podcast gave Nerd Out a shoutout on Episode 6!

Kinda Dating Podcast

Michelle (a social networking app for nerds) founder Nerd Out AppJensenjoins Natasha to discuss all things online dating, including their own horror stories! How important is it to look like your picture? What does your profile say about you? The best ways to approach a girl. And dick pics. Yup. The girls break it all down in this fun episode of Kinda Dating, presented by Meltdown Comics and Collectibles!

The Sorting Podcast

Yesterday’s episode of #SortingPod featured Nerd Out App! If you’re looking for nerdy things to do in your area, make sure to check it out!

Legion of Leia Podcast Ep. 51

On this week’s Legion of Leia Podcast episode 51, my co-hosts Anastasia WashingtonSabina Ibarra and I welcome Michelle Jensen, founder of the Nerd Out App! Want to find out about geeky happenings in your city? This is the app for you!

Nerd Out 1 Year Anniversary Party

Last month, I attended the wonderfully fun and geeky 1 year anniversary party for Nerd Out at The Perky Nerd in Burbank and what a party it was! Read on for all the nerdy details!

Episode 45 – NerdCon Geek Positivity Panel

This week’s episode is our second of 2 panels from Nerd Con. In this episode, we talk about how to be a better fan and how to be a positive influence in your geek communities.

Bunker Buddies Podcast

In this week’s Would You Do It, check out ZombieFunNearYou.org and the Nerd Out app! Our Buddy in the Bunker this week is the hilarious Joseph Scrimshaw.

Woman Up! Podcast

Woman Up! Podcast ep 30 – Changes A’Comin!

Jack of All Nerds Podcast

We welcome Michelle Jensen, founder and CEO of the Nerd Out app to the studio to talk about blogging, cosplay, fandom, and the Nerd Out app itself.