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Motion Capture acting is completely mainstream. Major characters in sci-fi films and TV shows are portrayed by mocap actors. Video games rely on Mocap to make athletes, monsters, fighters and aliens more realistic. It’s almost tough to find a major project that doesn’t a mocap character. If you want to learn more about this acting approach, The Mocap Vaults is offering a training with mocap legend, T.J. Storm.

Prevalence of Mocap

Motion capture acting is driving many major Hollywood projects. Avengers: Age of Ultron‘s titular villain was portrayed by James Spader. Sean Gunn portrayed Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. Andy Serkis has been an ape, Gollum, a Sith lord and more among his 95 acting credits. T.J. Storm has been Godzilla, Colossus, and many martial artists as a mocap actor. The entire Planet of the Apes franchise centers around a mocap protagonist. The newest Star Wars episodes wouldn’t exist without mocap actors.

On the video game side, athletes have agreed to model motion capture to recreate their own likeness. Players in baseball, basketball, hockey, football and soccer have all “played” themselves in video games. Many actors have made a living through mocap and voice work, like Tom Kenny or Tara Strong. A-List actors have also joined the ranks of mocap. Vin Diesel (Wheelman), Kristen Bell (Assassin’s Creed), and Kevin Spacey (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare) have all done mocap.

In short, mocap is mainstream and it’s only getting more popular.

Who is Mocap Vaults?

The Mocap Vaults offers actors, directors and animators a complete training in motion capture. Beginning with an introduction to the basic principles and styles, the individual may progress towards a complete training in all facets of the industry. The tutors are veterans of motion capture with hundreds of mocap shoots on the clock. The courses are recognized in the industry and will be respected by developers and VFX studios.

The Mocap Vaults roster includes Oliver Hollis-Leick (Iron Man), John Dower (007 Legends), and Richard Dorton (Halo). The roster includes over 30 years of mocap talent. Their website includes interviews, a shoot blog, free resources, instructional videos, and even a featured student. Check out the link for dates and offerings HERE.

Training on May 13

Training classes range from introductory to master level. On May 13, Mocap Vaults will offer an “Intro to Mocap Acting” class with T.J. Storm. This class will be held in the Los Angeles locations. (Other locations include Las Vegas and London.) This is an intensive class that gets you up to speed on the ins and outs of working in ‘Mocap’. Discover the tricks and techniques that make a great mocap actor, and explore the intricacies of performing for video games. You’ll learn how to create a character, how to immerse yourself in their world, adapt your performance for motion capture and how to go beyond the technology and into the depths of your imagination. The full list of Master Classes is available on the Mocap Vaults site HERE.

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