May the Force of July Be With You

In a galaxy far, far away there was a Force of July Boat Party! This past weekend in San Diego was a Star Wars party like none other I’ve ever attended. The Force of July party was held by LoveLife on a Hornblower boat which took us around the San Diego bay. Starting around sunset and finally docking around 10pm. Sadly, it was cloudy so we couldn’t see any stars from galaxies far, far away. But, there was there was plenty other force worthy things to see…

Party All Night

It all started at the pre-party at Kettner Exchange. Our Brand Advocate and Social Media master Emilee Jean Adamson was in attendance and had a great time! Then line up for the main event began. It was definitely interesting watching all the guests arrive. It was a mix of die-hard Star Wars fans and those who appeared to be the usual party crowd of San Diego, making it an eclectic group of attendees. This was LoveLife’s second year doing a Star Wars themed party. Previously, it had taken place during the San Diego Comic Con weekend which drew more of the SDCC crowd.

Play It Mr. Wookie DJ

For being a Star Wars themed party I expected some mixing of Star Wars score into the house music. However, that didn’t seem to be the case. If one of the DJs did that, I missed it. The music was still pretty solid and there were loads of people up on the top deck where the DJs were. Aside from the music there was a photo booth with props guests could utilize (see below). Food and drink were also available.

Use the Force

The coolest thing at any Star Wars event is always the light saber battles! While there wasn’t a whole lot of space on the top deck, we did make it work! Emilee and some other attendees battled it out against the dark side! The party didn’t stop at the boat though! It went onto the Blonde Bar! While my crew didn’t forge ahead, a number of other guests did and had a blast! The Force of July was definitely an experience I’ll not soon forget!

The Rebel Alliance DJs…

[Freerange, Delusions Of Grandeur | UK]
[Lovelife, Music is 4 Lovers | LA/SD]
RYBO [Desert Hearts | LA]
DINK! [Sundown | SD]
HYLAS [Sundown | SD]
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