Join the Nerd Squad

“Michelle, I just wanted to thank you for having the awesome vision to produce something fantastic that has brought us all together. Every time I hand out a nerd out card to someone and show them the app, watch their eyes light up on how it is not just another Facebook but a real community and event locator, I get excited. Then add your awesomeness, and drive to bring us together… I am just in awe of you… Thank you for being you and being awesome…” – Sean (Nerd Squad member)

We know that Nerds are worldwide! Because of this, we created the Nerd Squad (#NerdSquad)! An international group of Nerds! Our goal, unite nerds around the globe!

As all our information is user submitted, it helps us greatly when you submit local events. If you’d like to help your city, consider joining the Nerd Squad. Nerd Squad members help aggregate events in their local area and bring awareness to other nerds about the app.

If you’re interested in joining email us at