SDCC Musicals You Don’t Want to Miss from Turning Tydes Theatre

One would not normally think ‘musicals’ when prepping for Comic Con. Yet, with the growing numbers of events outside of the convention you discover some new and cool stuff like musicals. This is where Turning Tydes enters the pictures with their two nerdy themed musicals happening at SDCC this year.

Turning Tydes Theatre

Turning Tydes Theatre is a small, San Diego based, start-up theatre company, “Turning mainstream on its side”.  They’ve produced two brilliant shows that you’re able to catch doing SDCC: Into the Walker Woods and The Phantom of the Empire: Return of the Opera.

Turning Tydes

Into the Walker Woods

From the writers and producers that brought you The Phantom of the Empire  –  Into the Walker Woods is the clever new mash-up of Sondheim’s prolific musical, Into the Woods and TV’s #1 TV Show, The Walking Dead! Featuring songs such as “Sanity, Suffering, Gore”, “There Are Walkers All Around”, and “Hello, Zombie Girl”, this Fringe Award-Winning show is sure to entertain. We’re slapping five and a half seasons into an hour long musical, so come prepared for lurching zombies, gratuitous southern accents, and a whole lot of death! We may be going “into the woods”, but we sure aren’t going to granny’s…

The Phantom of the Empire: Return of the Opera

A long time ago, in an OPERA HOUSE far, far away…yeah, you read that right! Get ready for this epic mash- up of the harrowing ORIGINAL STAR WARS TRILOGY, told through the beloved music of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA! Featuring songs such as “Rescue Me”, “Galactic Cowboy”, and “We Can’t Aim”, you won’t want to miss this Fringe Festival Award-Winning show. Grab your lightsabers and meet us at the Opera House!

Where:  The Geoffrey Off Broadway, 923 1st Ave San Diego, CA 92101 (Part of Spreckles Theatre Building, next to taping for Conan O’Brien)

When: Daily performances of each one-hour long parody July 20-23


Single-Show: $16
Double-Feature: $27

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