Seven Hells! Thrones The Musical Parody is Great!

Just over a week ago the Nerd Out Team went to see Thrones the Musical Parody in Los Angeles! I had seen a lot of promotion for this theater event. On top of the fact that their dates had been extended! Well, if it was good enough that they extended the dates I figured it had to be good! Right? Seven hells yes!

Some Home Entertainment

The story centers around a woman whose life is falling apart. She’s going through a divorce and is in need of cheering up. In comes her friend’s suggestion of introducing her to Game of Thrones. They try to convince her of it’s merits by performing parts of the show for her. With a good amount of their own interpretations which only add to the hilarity.

Touching on some of the touchstones of the series, they beautifully wave in some fan favorite pieces, while also reminding us of some of the more ridiculous parts of the show. But hey, it wouldn’t be Game of Thrones without some murder, infanticide, and more! They even poke fun at some of the shows shortcomings likes will Tyrion’s accent ever improve? The acting was A+ for this event. The Nerd Out team was full of belly laughs throughout the show.

Sold Out Show

“Born from the twisted minds of Baby Wants Candy, one of the most exhilarating improv ensembles in the world, “Thrones! The Musical Parody” completely sold out its entire run in 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, followed up with sold-out performances at London’s Leicester Square Theatre. This hilarious musical creation is an absolute must-see performance.”

The Los Angeles performance currently ends March 26th, while the Chicago performance ends March 19th. Make sure to hurry and get your tickets for this show before it disappears!

Thrones The Musical Parody in Los Angeles and Chicago are listed on our calendar.

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