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Star War is a phenomenon. There is no denying that and the craze that has swept up the world ahead of Star Wars: The Force Awakens has reminded us, more than ever, that once a Star Wars fan, always a Star Wars fan. In the lead up to the long awaited sequel, the nerd community has been hard at work creating every sort of thing inspired by the Millennium Falcon to AT-AT Walkers. There’s BB-8 craft lamps and Darth Vader toasters, and those are all well and good, but let’s talk about fashion. Because there is a lot of amazing Star Wars inspired fashion out there right now, and a designer we should be paying attention to is Alston Stephanus.

Alston Stephanus

As a lifelong Star War fan, it’s hardly a surprise that Alston Stephanus would merge his love of the galactic and fashion. What would come of it would be amazing however; both stylish and recognizable, Stephanus’ high fashion Darth Vader would become the envy of Jakarta. The Masterpiece Strikes Back: A Fashion Exploration in Association with Star Wars, an official show in association with LucasFilm and HighEnd Magazine, showcased his 1940s inspired design.

It’d be hard not to give yourself over to the Dark Side if they dress like this. Every piece was designed and hand made by Stephanus who now resides in New York City.


In addition he created designs and accessories with R2D2 and C3PO in mind. Accessories are Stephanus’ particular talent as he just celebrated the ten year anniversary of his own company, Alston Stephanus Accessories, this October.

Disney’s D23 Expo

Fast forward to this summer, Disney’s D23 Expo was rocking SoCal, and nothing more than the Mousequerade. A costume competition of grand proportions, fifteen finalists were chosen from seventy-five participants of five different categories. One of these was, of course, Disney’s new baby: Star Wars. And one of the finalists was none other than Alston who had created a feathery and divine Queen Amidala outfit called The Kinjeng Gown, drawing from his Indonesian heritage. It was made for and worn by friend Heather Garlan.

Alston’s love for Star Wars and fashion extends beyond the runway however. He’s a budding cosplayer who put his skills to work and created a rocking R2D2 MegaMan mash-up outfit that was featured around this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

A designer who stands out for his unique approach to fashion, Alston Stephanus keeps to his Indonesian roots while still creating new and fresh fashion that shall delight geeks and nerds alike for a long time (in a galaxy far far away).

You can find out more about Alston Stephanus Accessories online at, also on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

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