Supernatural Inspired Outfit for Wayward Sisters

wayward sisters

Who’s excited for the possibility of the Wayward Sisters TV show?!? I certainly am! “Wayward was an idea that was born when Alex Jones went to live with Jody Mills in season 9, followed by Claire Novak doing the same in season 10. It was an idea that the fandom latched onto — creating campaigns and spreading their own idea for the Wayward Daughters Academy” said The Supernatural team took the time to check in with Jody, Claire, Alex and Donna. In season 13, the show introduced two new cast members Patience and Kaia. “Yes, this is a similar story to Supernatural, but it’s not the same story.”

Now, we sit and wait to see if we have a new Wayward Sisters CW TV series! What would you like to see in a Wayward Sisters series?

wayward sisters

An Outfit Fit for the Wayward Sisters

This outfit is largely inspired by the mystical elements from Supernatural, and hopefully soon Wayward Sisters! Hot Topic once again bringing it with their awesome apparel! Loving the symbols on the bottom of this adorable top. I, of course, had to include the Pentagram necklace for your anti-possession needs. Maroon looks amazing on everyone so I included it to compliment the darker pieces. What would be your must have as a hunter? I’d definitely have an anti-possession tattoo or pendant!

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our other #NerdingOut posts! What fandom should I create an outfit for next? Let us know in the comments below. Want to share your #NerdingOut with us? Remember to use the #NerdingOut hashtag for a chance to be featured on our social media outlets!

wayward sisters
Pentagram Wayward Sisters by nerdout featuring silver jewelry
Michelle L. Jensen

Michelle L. Jensen

Founder at Nerd Out
Blogger, fangirl, and most importantly, a nerd. She's also the creator of Nerd Out. Originally from Long Island, NY. She now resides in Los Angeles.
Michelle L. Jensen

Author: Michelle L. Jensen

Blogger, fangirl, and most importantly, a nerd. She's also the creator of Nerd Out. Originally from Long Island, NY. She now resides in Los Angeles.

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