Take Part in the DisneyBound March Challenge

It’s that time of year again! Every March, the DisneyBound community takes part in the DisneyBound March Challenge! Now it’s time for you to take part in the DisneyBound March challenge! This challenge encourages participants to try to DisneyBound every day of the month! It’s not a requirement, however. Some Bounders will come and go throughout the month—showing off their DisneyBounds on various days.

What is DisneyBounding?

If you’re new to the trend—DisneyBounding is when you use clothes that you can find in your closet or local mall to create outfits based off of your favorite Disney character! It’s subtle—and not at all a costume. You don’t need wigs, props or make-up to create your DisneyBound! To start creating your DisneyBound, pick your favorite character! Then, look at the colors that the character wears and where it lies on them. For instance, Donald Duck would have a blue shirt, white pants and yellow shoes. Next, use accessories to incorporate little details from the characters look or story!

Best of luck to all those participating! I can’t wait to see your DisneyBounds!

Nerd Out Does DisneyBound

Nerd Out’s very own Michelle Jensen even did some DisneyBounds for last years challenge! Check our her Sebastian and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid below!


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