The Best Cosplay at Sherlocked USA

The LAX Marriott hosted the first ever Sherlocked USA convention on May 26th-28th, 2017. The convention revolved around…you guessed it, BBC Sherlock! Which of course included cosplay! The convention, which first premiered in the United Kingdom, featured guests Andrew Scott, Mark Gatiss, Una Stubbs, Timothy Carlton, Alistair Petrie, Louis Moffat, Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue, Wanda Ventham, Jonathan Aris, and Arwel Wyn Jones. Attendees of Gallifrey One will know this is the same location that Gally takes place, and it was run by some of the same personnel.

A BBC Sherlock Convention

It was the first time Nerd Out attended a Sherlock Holmes only convention. While the convention was not as fully attended as Gallifrey One, there was still lots of lovely attendees to meet from all over the world! People from Australia, Canada, France, Chile, and more came out for the event! Our founder Michelle was a guest on three panels; Science of Deduction, Being a Sherlock Fan, and Setlocked.

Science of Deduction: Exploring common techniques used to make simple deductions and how they apply to Sherlock.  Hosted by Baker Street Babes.

Being a Sherlock Fan: Join the panel to discuss the dedication and commitment needed to be a Sherlock fan.

Setlocked: Arwel Jones and The Baker Street Babes talk about being on location and meeting the fans.

The Best Cosplay at Sherlocked USA

Nerd Out hosted a cosplay meetup on Saturday during lunch for anyone who wished to attend. It was lovely to see those who put in the little extra effort to bring their best cosplays to the con. Our photographer Victor was absolutely wonderful working with the cosplayers! We couldn’t have wished for a better experience for all! So without further ado, the best cosplay at Sherlocked USA!!!

(Cosplayers, please email us for HQ pics)

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  1. This was such a wonderful weekend! I had the pleasure of meeting new people such as yourselves and others in these photos. All of you were so nice! Then pictures happened and I felt so comfortable shooting with your photographer. He knew what he wanted and guided me through poses, that was so helpful and it was fun!! Thanks and thanks again for shooting my female sherlock and pirate sherlock, you guys rock!!

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