Game of Thrones: The Musical Heading to SDCC

Calling all houses! Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Are you attending San Diego Comic Con? If so, we have the best of both worlds for you! Introducing Game of Thrones: The Musical! Cause if the Red Wedding didn’t get your blood pumping, this will!

Game of Thrones: The Musical

GoT The Musical is an unauthorized parody performing during SDCC. The musical includes iconic scenes from the hit HBO show, but instead written as a parody. Spanning 8 showings in a very special, limited engagement during SDCC. The first show is Thursday night at 6pm, at the Tenth Avenue Arts Center. Shows continue through the weekend, with the final performance at 1pm on Sunday.

The Story

What’s the plot of this satirical play? After all, Game of Thrones oozes with destruction, sex, and bloodshed. What will this show have to offer? I drink and I know things, so let me tell you…After accepting the King’s “Hand Job”, Ned Stark must protect the North and his family without losing his head. The incestual Lannisters and power hungry Targaryens are also out to capture the throne and no amount of singing and dancing is going to stop them!

From the teams behind “Lost: The Musical” and “Once Upon A Time: The Rock Opera” comes a great night out at the theatre that will have your toes tapping and hands clapping – providing you still have both hands.


The Soundtrack

The soundtrack is available via digital download or CD. Song titles include “All Men Must Die”, “You Can/Can’t Trust Anyone”, and “Let’s Go to War.”

The Nerd Out Giveaway

We at Nerd Out have a very special giveaway. We’re offering 2 VIP Passes to See Game of Thrones: The Musical. The VIP experience includes priority seating, a free drink at the bar, and a cast-signed poster.

Enter here…

BONUS: A 10% discount! Use the code NERDOUT at the end of checkout when placing orders on the official site.

Charity Beneficiaries

Game of Thrones: The Musical is a proud supporter of The Wayne Foundation which is committed to spreading awareness of CSEC (Commercial Sex Exploitation of Children) DMST (Domestic Minor Sexual Trafficking) occurring within the United States. The Wayne Foundation’s vision is for a world without child slavery. They are dedicated to providing direct assistance to those victimized by exploitation.

Otherworlds – A Steampunk Paradise in Seattle

Shout out to the Nerd Out friends and family in the Seattle area. Are you familiar with a very special pocket dimension disguised as a retail store? That Steampunk paradise is the one and only Otherworlds. Located in Edmonds, WA, Otherworlds is a book store/tea party/gaming and music haven. Craving some Victorian Steampunk, futuristic science, or magical fantasy? Then you need to visit Otherworlds.

Recently, the Otherworlds team expanded, opening their store online. For those of you who may not get to visit in person, don’t worry. You can still access the wide variety of costumes, DIY kits, jewelry, art and more. For some details on Otherworlds, we spoke with the crew.

Otherworlds: How it all Began

Nerd Out: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. I know that you opened for business in 2012. What was the decision-making process on making the leap? What made you decide on this very special kind of shop?

Otherworlds:  Well, we wanted to sell things we were enthused about.  We were both booksellers, but when you have a guy yell at you for not guaranteeing your Health section will cure his foot fungus, you start to really long for the days you get to introduce a middle-schooler to the science-fiction/fantasy section and watch their eyes get huge and blissful.  We wanted more of that.

A Day in the Life

NO: You have something for everyone, from Whovians to tabletop gamers to costumers. What is a typical day or week in the life for you and your patrons at the shop? Is there even a “typical” day?

OW:  The best days are when people come in and get excited.  We weird some people out, Christians that think our store is a bunch of dark stuff it isn’t, people that come in and tell us they can get cheaper costumes at Wal-Mart, or say our LARP weapons are too expensive for a child’s allowance, but when a twelve-year-olds jump up and down at sight of the Dalek, or somebody tells you all about how she felt taller after watching Wonder Woman, it’s so fun.  It’s worth it.

Events at Otherworlds

NO: I noticed that you have a book club and often feature local authors like Bernadette Pajer and the Foglios. Do you feel a special place for supporting local talent? Is this something unique to Otherworlds?

OW:  One of the fun things about being in Edmonds is the amount of local talent.  You meet one neat artist, and they introduce you to seven friends that are authors, painters, inventors, and then there’ll be a few that are hard to quantify (a bit like our store).  We definitely try to support local art and artists–it’s the biggest different between us and big box stores, knowing you can come here and see things you won’t see anywhere else.

NO: Local authors and artists aren’t the only folks you support. Can you touch on some of your activism efforts? I saw a few things in the online store that I thought were really excellent.

OW:  Well, I had this heartbreaking incident where we were doing a Victorian Christmas party with dancing, and these two young girls came in and asked really nervously whether they would be allowed to buy ‘couples’ tickets.  They were probably younger than fifteen.  So if you’re talking about the “Fight Fascism With Queer Romance” t-shirt, or the “Steampunk Lesbian Love Stories”, yeah, I make an effort to find things that will fit in our store and let people know they’re supported and in a safe place.  We’d like to do more with that–for a while we were doing bingo nights for charity, but we need people to run it!

Otherworlds Goes Online

NO: Speaking of the online shopping, when did you decide to open the virtual store?

OW:  We’ve been trying to figure out how for the five years since we opened, but there were oh, loads of reasons it didn’t work, least of which learning how to pack and ship hundreds of different artist pieces without breaking them!  And it’s been ridiculous trying to get it to be mobile-friendly–we’re still working on that.  But anyway now we can send most of the money to the artist, who completes the order, so we can even offer custom stuff!  And the artist doesn’t make it until money changes hands, so neither us nor they are putting a bunch of work out and not making sales.  We’re super excited, you can tell from my rambling.

NO: You have support from a strong geek community, including Outdoor Trek, AFK Tavern, Around the Table, and others. Do you think there’s something that drives geeks to support one another? Is there something about the culture?

OW:  I really think there is.  When you’re geeky about football, or knitting, it’s usually not too hard to find someone to talk to about it, but for a long time people felt really alone in their love of old British TV shows, or adults were embarrassed to discuss the storylines in comics.  People have said we feel like a home to them, and they do get really excited feeling like they can talk to each other about all their delights.  People really value that.

Visit Otherworlds

NO: What are some of your upcoming events and where can we find news on the latest Otherworlds happenings?

OW:  Well, the biggest one is Friday Night Game Night, 6-9pm, any board or card games people want to play–mostly adventure.  But we also have a book club the fourth Thursday of every month at 7pm, and we’re working with a couple new startup maker spaces to get crafting nights rolling again.  Our website has an events page to check in with and buy tickets (crafting nights tend to have some materials cost), or you can follow us on FB or join our Meetup group for notifications.

NO: Anyone you’d like to give a virtual “shout out?”

OW:  Oh, definitely the people you named, Outdoor Trek, Another Castle who regularly sends people our way, Steamposium could use some love.  Thanks so much!  

NO: Thanks for taking the time. Our readers can find more about this wonderfully unique shop and experience if for themselves by visiting Otherworlds online. Ok, Nerds, go visit this crew for some artwork, clothing, jewelry, or whatever fits your fancy!

Pop Culture Meets Charity at WhedonCon

I was recently listening to the Dumbbells and Dragons podcast. I got totally excited when I saw that Kenny (Rotter, the host) was recording an interview with Christopher Cullen. Christopher is one of the folks representing WhedonCon. What’s that? WhedonCon is a Whedonverse convention, designed by fans for fans. It aims to harness the power of fandom to raise money for charities while creating a fun and interactive environment for attendees.

WhedonCon Guests

The convention will include a number of on and off screen guests attached to Joss Whedon projects. The Guest of Honor is writer/producer David Fury. David is an Emmy, WGA and Saturn awards winning writer/producer best known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel. Comedian Ben Paddon is the Master of Ceremonies. Actors include Andrew Boden (Dollhouse), Gigi Edgley (Farscape), and Nicholas Brendon (Xander on Buffy). Other guests include Sophia Crawford (Sarah Michelle Gellar’s stunt double) and writer/director Tim Minear. View the full guest list HERE.

WhedonCon Events

WhedonCon features a huge vendor room, appropriately titled Sunnydale Mall. The con will also host a Blood Drive benefitting Cedars-Sinai Blood Donor Services. Cosplayers will have plenty of chances to meet up, including special tracks like Cosplay over 30. The list of panels is immense. Topics include “How to Make a Low Budget Movie”, “Behind the Stunts” and “Concept Development.” Join the Gaming room for Open Gaming, Firefly LARP and RPG, and Buffy RPG sessions. Pack your swimsuit! Private Cocktail parties and All Ages pool parties close out Friday and Saturday nights.

Join the Big Bad Buffy podcast for a live session Saturday morning and the Drinking with Comics podcast Saturday night. Feel like some prose? Join an open reading with the Two Idiots Pedalling Poetry. Sharpen your story creation with the Wehdonesque Sketch Writing Workshop. The Movie Guys bring their newest comedy show, “The New Movie Show” to goof on all the latest films and upcoming summer movies. In Memorium services for Ron Glass (Firefly) and John Vulich (special makeup effects for Buffy) take place on Friday. The full schedule of events can be found HERE.

Charity Efforts

The WhedonCon creators pride themselves on the charity efforts fulfilled by the convention. In memory of Ron Glass, this year’s charity will be one that was near and dear to Glass’ heart. Auction proceeds will benefit the Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center. Items include autographed merchandise, pictures, and more.

The Baby Item Drive benefits Newborns in Need – San Fernando Valley Chapter. Items include purchased, handmade or crafted items such as baby hat, scarfs and blankets. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will be on hand for a performance. This organization offers comprehensive services to nearly half of the homeless youth population of Los Angeles County.

WhedonCon takes place on May 19-21, 2017 at the Warner Center Marriott in Los Angeles, CA. Tickets and volunteer opportunities are still available. Contact the convention staff HERE.

Welcome to Treklanta, Georgia

It’s April, and that means it is once again time for Atlanta, GA to transform…into Treklanta! Hosted by the USS Republic NCC-1371, Treklanta is an annual science fiction convention dedicated to space opera in general and Star Trek in particular. This convention places special emphasis on fan-based events, activities, programming and productions. Treklanta is the home of the Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant and the Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards.

Special Events at Treklanta

You read that right. Not only is there a Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant, but this is the 18th year of the contest. Contestants are judged on three categories. First is beauty – the combination of quality and professionalism of their costumes, make-up and “modeling.” They can choose an existing Klingon from canon, or create their own. They will be asked to strut the runway in costume and character. The second category is talent. Contestants get 5 minutes to sing, dance, act or display another talent. Violence is generally frowned upon, so no flaming bat’leth twirling. The third category is personality. Contestants will be asked a question and must answer a panel of judges who just happen to be the guests of Treklanta.

Guests at Treklanta

Fans will recognize Treklanta guests from their work both on and off screen. David Gerrold is a classic sci-fi writer who will go down in history as having created some of the most popular stories in the genre. He is the author of over 50 books and the famous “Trouble with Tribbles” episode of Star Trek. John Garman “J. G.” Hertzler, from Savannah, Georgia, has portrayed many different roles on several Star Trek series. He is one of only five actors to play seven or more different characters in the Star Trek franchise. James Horan has played various characters in four different Star Trek series. Scott L. Schwartz is an actor and stunt performer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is best known as Bruiser in the Ocean’s 11 franchise. The full list of guests can be found HERE.

Events at Treklanta

Treklanta is home to the Independent Star Trek Fan Film Awards. This award show was started in 2015 and continues to celebrate the Trek fandom. Alien designs will be the topic of the “But I Don’t Want to be a Klingon” panel. There will be plenty of discussion around the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery show. One session will discuss the similarities between the Borg and The Walking Dead. The Trek Toys and Mego meet-up will focus on 50 years of Klingons. Fans can meet the Klingon Assault Group. Saturday even celebrates a Trek-themed wedding between two fans. Late night festivities include Dirty Harry’s Karaoke Cantina. Astrophysicist Dr. Larry Krumenaker will take fans outside to display Trek-themed astronomy. Fans who are early risers can even do some morning Mokbara (tai chi).

Where is Treklanta?

Treklanta takes place from April 28 – 30, 2017. It will be held at the Doubletree by Hilton Atlanta Northlake Hotel.  The Doubletree is located at 4156 Lavista Road at I-285 in the Atlanta suburb of Tucker.

For official information, visit the official Treklanta web site.

The Convention Survival Pack

Convention season is in full swing. We here at the Nerd Out Blog are interested in making your convention experience a positive one. To that end, we polled members of the Nerd Out Squad with a simple idea. Everyone should have the essentials at a con or festival. If you were building your Convention Survival Pack, what would be in yours? Why? We were impressed with the answers and bet you will be, too.

Convention Survival Pack Basics

If all of the Nerd Out Squad thought about it, we would each own stock in Purell. Almost everyone polled with this question answered hand sanitizer and bottled water. writer Matthew Kelly puts it simply. “Hand Sanitizer and Emergency Vitamin C packages are the only thing that keeps me alive.” Battery and phone chargers were also highly recommended. Many folks included cash as a must-have. Breath mints, tylenol and extra deodorant also made the list. Also, don’t lose your photo ID or your phone. Extra clothes and shoes are also important.

Food & Drink

Dumbbells & Dragons founder Kenny Rotter recommends carrots and bananas to stay fueled up at conventions. Jerky is also a popular selection. Themed desserts also make the list. Nintendo-themed cupcakes are all the rage at Super Smash Con. Cosplayers and costumers often find creative ways to work food themes into their overall design. Packing protein bars is another way to make sure you have options.


Many conventions have designated areas available to podcasters. Having the proper equipment is still up to you. Podcasting for Dummies author Tee Morris says, “I recommend having amps and speaker so people can gather round and passers-by know something is going on here…but that you have to coordinate with the con staff. Recording panels can be tricky, unless you can assure guests that they are all miced. otherwise you are doing open air recording of panels and those can be hell when playing back.”

Nobilis Reed of the Nobilis Erotica podcast offers this advice. “Don’t worry too much about audio quality. Live events sound like live events. You’re not The Grateful Dead.”


Costumer Robyn McIntosh raises some additional concerns for cosplayers and costumers. “Nail glue. It’s like super glue but way less toxic and does not reach to heat. Also, a lighter is key to taking care of loose threads, etc.” How bout somewhere that serves for pockets? Sara Logan Hofstein offers some cosplay workarounds. “If I’m wearing something where my feet are relatively hidden (like a dress) I’ll usually wear really tall boots, like thigh highs, because I can stick my phone, makeup, small wallet, etc, in my shoes.”


SFX artist Zombianca suggested poster tubes. “I hate finding awesome art then having to lug it around to get damaged…it’s the worst!” Make sure you have a schedule ahead of time. Many conventions now have apps dedicated to the schedule of events. Plan around the popularity of the guests so you can set your priorities.


The key to convention survival (and sanity) may also be downtime. Author Pip Ballantine says downtime is important and sometimes overlooked. “I love people, but after a few hours I need a place to decompress and prepare myself for more.” Holistic Health Dr. Stacia Kelly agrees. “Being an introvert, large crowds and massive amounts of time with people drains me. During a day long or weekend long event, I have to manage to sneak in some downtime so that I can continue to chat, be nice, and not suffer from exhaustion for several days after an event.”

So, there you have it. From tables to panels to cosplay, your many tips to packing for convention survival. Anything we missed? Please let us know!

Featured image cosplayer is Andrew Elkins

The Force is Strong at Star Wars Celebration

Springtime in Orlando, Florida brings several things each year. Tourists flock to Disney and Universal Studios. The flowers bloom. Star Wars fans from all over the planet flock to Star Wars Celebration.

Star Wars Celebration

The event boasts celebrities and media guests, fan groups like the 501st, and more. Fan-led panels and tables fill the schedule. The exhibitors will be selling Star Wars themed items, apparel and games. There is speed dating, droid building, and even a tattoo area.


Media guests will be in appearance from Star Wars properties old and new. Familiar faces like Ian McDiarmid (Emporer Palpatine) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) will attend. Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian) and Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar) are scheduled. Newcomers from Rogue One will also be on hand. Felicity Jones (Jyn Erso) and Alan Tudyk (K-2SO) are among the new crew. Off-screen guests are also among the highlights. Star Wars:The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson will speak to the crowd. Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy will be on hand to talk about the direction of the franchise. The full guest list is available here.


Individual and group cosplay is always welcome at Star Wars Celebration. Contest entries must register in advance due to the massive number of submissions. The #SWCO team reviews the submissions and informs those who have made the cut. Fans can also build props and sets for display. Outside of the contests, there are plenty attendees in costume.

Gaming & Other Activities

Fans on the floor will have access to Electronic Arts’ range of Star Wars titles. Included are Star Wars pinball, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and more. An off-site Star Wars: The Old Republic cantina event will cover upcoming programming. Over 30 artists will have works on display as part of the art show. Artists include Cryssy Cheung, Josh Smith, Jason Palmer and others.

Nerd Night Speed Dating will take place at the event. This event has produced plenty of couples and marriages over the years. This year, the speed dating will have six hetero sessions and one for LGBT. Details for speed dating can be found here.

Pin trading sessions get a new twist in 2017. Character pins spanning all 40 years of the franchise will be available for sale and trade. This year introduces unique artwork by Derek Laufman. The R2 builders club will be on hand to teach droid building. This year will debut the droid smash derby as well. Marc Draven and Shane Turgeon are among the world class tattoo artists on hand. Fans who want to get some fresh ink can schedule some time in the chair. Details can be found here.

Star Wars: Galactic Nights

This year features a once-in-a-lifetime experience. On April 14th, Disney Hollywood Studios is going to open several themed exhibitions. Star Wars: Galactic Nights is a family-friendly event at Disney’s amusement park. Existing rides like Star Tours will be joined by new themed events. Costumes for adults and kids are highly encouraged. Tickets are available on the official site.

For more information, schedule and tickets, check out the Official Site.

Geek Girl Strong’s 1Up Your Health Challenge

Did you have a 2017 New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or get healthy? Has it already been forgotten? Fear not! Geek Girl Strong has got you covered!

First of all, don’t get yourself down. Studies show that as many as 88% of people fail to meet their New Year’s Resolution, with 43% giving up in the first month. It’s the reason you can’t get a treadmill at the gym in January, but by February, the drive-thru line for Chik-Fil-A is around the block. Here’s the good news. You can hit the reset button and get back on track, and Stormy Riot and her team are here to help. Even better, they’re going to celebrate your nerdiness in the process!

Who is Geek Girl Strong?

Geek Girl Strong (GGS) is on a mission to help all girls & women realize that they are the super heroines they have been waiting for. They are an inclusive health-coaching community for EVERY body, targeting people who identify as girls/women and do not fit into any one box. They care about or are interested in their overall wellness and would like a sidekick by them during their journey.

Working through the GGS program and joining our community allows those who accept the challenge to better their level of wellness in all the seven dimensions: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical.

GGS was founded by Stormy Riot (Physical Education, B.S., Health Education, M.S. Ed., ACE Certified Health Coach). After years as a teacher, she developed the program to put together overall wellness, female empowerment, and her “geeky qualities.”

The Nerd Factor

For those who love to geek out over their favorite nerdom, health vocabulary can mix with nerd vocabulary to make every goal attainable, fun and relatable.

Achievements (Unlocked)
Bonus Level
Boss Fight
Coins/XP points
Hidden Level
Insert More Coins
Red Ring
Utility Belt
Wrong way!

The 1Up Your Health Challenge

The GGS 1Up Your Health Challenge is designed to help women and girls work toward their health goals, regardless of where they’re starting or what they’ve done in the past. Beginning on February 19th, the 2nd annual challenge is flexible in the exercises involved and the costs. Stormy and her team have no set rates, and ask only for donations to the cause.

The Activities

During the challenge, participants will be coached and have a chance to work with Stormy Riot. They will also:

  • Get daily emails with a new daily challenge
  • Gain access to a private Facebook group
  • Become a member of the growing Geek Girl Strong community
  • Create habits that fit with the geek girl’s lifestyle
  • Be invited to the LIVE 1Up Results Challenge Online Master Class

The master class will feature webinar style meetings with the Geek Girl Strong League of Extraordinary Women. These sessions feature coaching, Q and A, and opportunities for participants to add to their utility belts! (*Whispers* Raffles, there will be raffles.)

GGS wants more complex female characters, because that’s what we are.

Join the challenge by clicking the link below.

Begins February 19th!
Join Geek Girl Strong for our 2nd online health challenge.
Work towards your health goals …and only pay what you want!

LudoSport: The Network of Sporting Lightsaber Combat

This just in: Star Wars is back, and it has reached and inspired more fans than ever. Some of these fans have taken the art of Lightsaber fighting and created an entire international network. It’s called LudoSport International.

LudoSport History:

The debate over the practicality of light saber battles has existed since the franchise debuted in the 70’s. In the last decade or so, thanks largely to the connectivity of social media, the concept of making light saber combat leagues became more of a reality. In 2005, Saber Wars was founded, with a loose group of choreographers and combatants filling its rosters. Many of the members came from New York Jedi, a group that has grown far larger since then, performing stage combat at conventions, corporate events, and even the debut of the first Star Wars stamp at the Empire Post Office in 2007.

The Network:

LudoSport International originated in Milan and now has academies all over Europe including posts in Sweden, Russia, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Boston and San Francisco. Each academy teaches a range of skills, covering all seven forms of light saber battling as detailed in Star Wars canon. The academy programs include duels, demo teams, and seminars for both students and instructors. Students are individually ranked, and all pupils in the network can challenge one another worldwide to a duel.

National tournaments are held annually, with awards going to categories like Best Style, Best Technique, Best Sequence, Best Fight, Best Jedi, Best Sith, Best Padawan and Best Youngling. The winners of the national tournaments go on to the international championship, with competition restricted to the top ranked students only.

The Styles:

Students progress through the seven styles of saber fighting in order. The progression is intended to add in attacking and defending skills without ever compromising with the pupil has already learned. The first style is Shii-Cho (a defensive-minded style) that takes students approximately a year and a half to master. Next is Makashi, a style focused on speed and quick strikes. Third is Soresu, a skill focused on fluidity and counter strikes. Fourth is Ataru, an acrobatic style that is used to keep one’s enemy off-balance. Fifth is Djem-So, wherein the student develops top levels of speed and unpredictability. Sixth is Niman, which incorporates all of the previous styes in a manner that minimizes effort to maximize counter strikes. The final style is Vaapad, a focus on self-control to maximize harmony and domination.

The Rules:

There are ten rules to competing in LudoSport events.

  1. The Light Saber – 3 types are allowed (short, long, and double)
  2. Combat Apparel – combatants must wear apparel that matches their individual rank
  3. The Combat – typical events are 1:1, however other types of combat can be included depending on the event and coordinators
  4. The Combat Arena – the size and shape must follow official guidelines
  5. The Target – the entire body is a target, with mortal or non-mortal zones
  6. Points – typically awarded for first touch (as in fencing or sparring)
  7. Validity of Strikes – judges determine the validity of strikes during a duel
  8. Combat Time – typical events do not have a time limit and are decided by points
  9. Loyalty – each fighter must ensure that his or her opponent is not injured
  10. Competition Judges – no scores or ranking is official unless the event is judged by a certified judge as part of the event

Do you have what it takes to try real life training? Are you ready to begin the path to Jedi Knight or Sith Lord? LudoSport International awaits!

Valentine’s Day with Captured Aural Phantasy Theater

Love is in the Air! Join the Captured Aural Phantasy Theater (CAPT) group and the Bob Baker Marionette Theater for PUPPET COMICS LOVE, an evening of vintage Valentine treats that combines multi-media performances of vintage romance comics and the sweet seductions of the legendary, historic Bob Baker marionettes. The night includes live music and entertainment to stoke the passions of the season…and bring a smile to your face.

Live Variety Show

CAPT combines the art, drama and comedy of a vintage radio program with the live entertainment of a variety show. Shows are built around performances of vintage pop culture gems, usually comic book stories, along with live sound fx, music and projected art. In between the featured stories are short acts, sultry singing, prizes, special guests and live music. No joke is too low or innuendo left un-emphasized. The cast is comprised of a diverse group of Los Angeles based actors and musicians.

Romance Comics

Romance comics were a huge genre in the early 50’s (second only to horror comics of the time like Tales from the Crypt), each one filled with sordid tales of love gone wrong, hearts broken and happily ever afters. In the show, these vintage tales are brought to life for the 21st Century along with the classic, show-stopping performances by the Bob Baker Marionettes, who have been making LA swoon for over 60 years.

The show is open to all. Candy and refreshments will be available, even the adult kind. Proceeds go to the Bob Baker Marionette Theater, as it builds plans for its future in Los Angeles.

The program will be held on Saturday, February 11th at 8:00 pm.

Tickets are $20 and are available now.

The Bob Baker Marionette Theater is located at 1345 W. First St. Los Angeles, CA 90026, where it has hosted puppet shows since 1961. It received the designation as an historical monument in 2009.

San Francisco Welcomes the Miyazaki Art Show

Hayao Miyazaki is, without a doubt, one of the most respected Japanese animation directors of all time. The prolific director, nicknamed “The Japanese Walt Disney”. He has spent over 40 years making animated movies, taking on all roles including writer, director, producer, screenwriter, author, and manga artist. In 2002, film critic Roger Ebert suggested that he might be the greatest animated filmmaker in history. In February, over 50 artists will gather for the Miyazaki Art Show in San Francisco.

Spoke Art is proud to present the Miyazaki Art Show – a whimsical showcase of over fifty artists from around the world celebrating the films of Japanese film-maker and animator Hayao Miyazaki. Taking inspiration from the Studio Ghibli director’s classic films such as My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Ponyo to his lesser known work like The Wind Rises and Mr. Dough and the Egg Princess, each artist has created unique works inspired by Miyazaki’s imaginative universe.

Including a diverse array of original painting, sculpture and limited edition prints. The Miyazaki Art Show offers each artists’ perspective and interpretation of beloved characters and themes throughout Miyazaki’s films. Imbued with the legendary director’s sense of adventure, deep reverence for nature and strong female characters, this dynamic exhibition is not to be missed.

The Miyazaki Art Show opens Saturday, February 4th, with an opening night reception from 6pm-9pm. Costumes are encouraged and some artists will be in attendance. The exhibition will be on view through Saturday, February 25th, 2017.

Participating Artists:

Eric Althin | Zard Apuya | Ana Aranda | Ryan Berkley | Laura Bifano | Eric Bonhomme | Ivonna Buenrostro | Rovina Cai | Elsa Chang | Tracie Ching | JAW Cooper | Rhys Cooper | Deangus | Emily Dumas | Jonathan Edwards | Tom Eglington | Jayde Fish | Monica Garwood | Sam Gilbey | Greg Gossel | Gina Hendry | Justin Hilgrove | Kevan Hom | Jackie Huang | Yumiko Kayukawa | Steve Kim | Cuddly Rigor Mortis | Jon Lau | Nan Lawson | Carrie Liao | Keith Lin | Adam Lister | Sergio Lopez | Felt Mistress | Ashley Mackenzie | Kemi Mai | Samantha Mash | Jose Mertz | Guillaume Morellec | Fumi Nakamura | Jeany Ngo | Chelsea O’Byrne | Kat Philbin | Corinne Reid | Allison Reimold | Matt Ritchie | Yohan Sacre | Leonardo Santamaria | Charles Santsoso | Chris Skinner | Annie Stegg | Meghan Stratman | Christopher Uminga | Edwin Ushiro |
Lauren YS | Adam Ziskie

WHAT: Miyazaki Art Show – a tribute to the films of Hayao Miyazaki

WHEN: February 2nd – 25th, 2017

WHERE : Spoke Art SF – 816 Sutter Street, San Francisco

RELEVANT LINKS: Spoke Art’s Website –

Facebook Event Page: