Let Me Be Honest With You About Nerding Out

There’s a few reasons I started it…About a year ago I was talking to my then Social Media Manager Leslie Kay, the creator of Disneybound. I talked about how I was tired of the hierarchy that has grown within the nerd community. The fact that it became more about Instagram followers and less about making friends and connecting with others. I set my goal to create an extension of Nerd Out. For people who wanted to find others to do cool nerd stuff with. A community, a place anyone could join. We’d go to stuff like Dapper Day, conventions, game nights and the like. She loved the idea, as did I.

Nerding Out incorporates nerdy style into your every day.

Shortly after I created the Nerd Out Squad Facebook group. It took a while to find it’s footing. Because we are located in Los Angeles, it was hard for me to personally connect with those outside of LA. I felt bad for those who reached out and wanted to be part of the community but were too far to make it to the meet ups we were having. No matter where they were, I wanted to get them involved. I hate seeing anyone left out, so I needed to find a way to bring people into the fold.

A Little More Personal

Now comes my more personal part of the story. I tried cosplaying. Didn’t love it, hardly liked it. I always felt uncomfortable and frankly, embarrassed. I’m nearly plus size by our “beauty standards” and didn’t feel comfortable trying to recreate characters that looked nothing like me. I know, I shouldn’t compare myself to others. It’s something I even tell others not to do, but sometimes, it just happens. This is when #NerdingOut really began to brew in my mind.

The photoshoot with Katie a did in the Doctor Who dress from Hot Topic cemented it. I felt much more comfortable in clothes that fit my body shape instead of trying to conform to something I’m not. I no longer wanted to wear things that made me feel uncomfortable. Finding things that flattered me and made me feel good about myself was my new goal. Instead of trying to hide my shape in clothes I hated.

nerdy style
Photo by http://www.karenborterphotography.com

Learning to Be Yourself

Nerding Out has allowed me to feel more like myself. This past WonderCon I was perfectly happy in wearing a DC Comics Bombshells Wonder Woman top. It’s vintage feel allowed me to be a bit dressed up without being in cosplay. I paired it with a Superheroes Rivet Clutch from Julia Kays, a Wonder Woman logo necklace, and red converse. It may not have been nearly as elaborate as cosplay, but it made me happy. And that’s what I should truly care about at the end of the day. I may need to remind myself of this every so often, but it is something I’m working on.

The later solution became the former’s solution as well. As I began to see people from different parts of the world Nerding Out! It was great to see people like Chelsea (@gryffindorpinup) embracing the heart of Nerd Out. She is having fun, meeting others, and looking adorable while doing so! I’ve loved seeing her posts amongst others! It makes my little nerdy heart happy. So to you reading this, yes YOU! Go out, meet some new friends, and have some geeky fun in whatever makes you feel your best!

Header image by Katiebe_photography

Gallifrey One Outfits for Time Lords and Time Ladies

The 29 Voyages of Gallifrey One, will take place this weekend, February 16-18, 2018! I’ll be attending the convention for a 3rd time! Ridiculously excited to see all the Whovians who will be in town for the convention. I know some fans travel quite far to attend the Doctor Who gathering. For those unfamiliar with Gallifrey One here’s an excerpt from their website, “What can you expect from Gallifrey One? A fabulous weekend of fun… from guest speakers from all of the worlds of Doctor Who and its spinoffs, to amazing programming such as Q&As, interviews, live episode commentaries, discussion panels, workshops, and the annual Bob May Memorial Charity Auction.” And trust me, they deliver!

13th Doctor News at Gallifrey One?

It’ll also be interesting to see if we get any more information about the 13th Doctor at the con! Jodie Whittaker paused for a photo with some tiny Whovians this week and the photo is just adorable! Could not be more thrilled for the new season!


Changing of the TARDIS

While I’m sure many of us are stilling mourning the loss of Peter Capaldi, it will be interesting to see the new Doctor and showrunner, Chris Chibnall. Chibnall recently said this about the new season, “Doctor Who wrote change into its format from the start, going from location to location and story to story. Then it wrote change into the DNA of its lead character! It’s always looking forward, asking ‘What’s next?’” via RadioTimes.com. I personally think the TARDIS is ready for change!

gallifrey one

An Outfit for Gallifrey One

This is the first time we’ve done a #NerdingOut set for his and hers! I thought, what an amazing idea it would be to create two complimentary sets inspired by the TARDIS for Gallifrey One! The Doctor Who ring set was the inspiration for the whole idea. We included Espionage Cosmetics nail wraps. If you haven’t used Espionage before, they are lovely and sparkly! The coat and skirt are from Her Universe‘s newest Doctor Who line of apparel. Her Universe also just released an incredible Star Wars line as well. The blue shirt for the guys is also from Hot Topic. The watch I actually stumbled upon! It reminded me of the title sequence with the gears and it went perfectly with outfit. Will you be attending Gallifrey One? If so, stop by out Nerd Out Squad meetup! I’d love to meet you!

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our other #NerdingOut posts! What fandom should I create an outfit for next? Let us know in the comments below. Want to share your #NerdingOut with us? Remember to use the #NerdingOut hashtag for a chance to be featured on our social media outlets!

gallifrey one
Vintage TARDIS Blue for Gallifrey One by nerdout featuring silver jewelry
gallifrey one
TARDIS Blue for Gallifrey One by nerdout featuring a blue shirt

Supernatural Inspired Outfit for Wayward Sisters

Who’s excited for the possibility of the Wayward Sisters TV show?!? I certainly am! “Wayward was an idea that was born when Alex Jones went to live with Jody Mills in season 9, followed by Claire Novak doing the same in season 10. It was an idea that the fandom latched onto — creating campaigns and spreading their own idea for the Wayward Daughters Academy” said EW.com. The Supernatural team took the time to check in with Jody, Claire, Alex and Donna. In season 13, the show introduced two new cast members Patience and Kaia. “Yes, this is a similar story to Supernatural, but it’s not the same story.”

Now, we sit and wait to see if we have a new Wayward Sisters CW TV series! What would you like to see in a Wayward Sisters series?

wayward sisters

An Outfit Fit for the Wayward Sisters

This outfit is largely inspired by the mystical elements from Supernatural, and hopefully soon Wayward Sisters! Hot Topic once again bringing it with their awesome apparel! Loving the symbols on the bottom of this adorable top. I, of course, had to include the Pentagram necklace for your anti-possession needs. Maroon looks amazing on everyone so I included it to compliment the darker pieces. What would be your must have as a hunter? I’d definitely have an anti-possession tattoo or pendant!

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our other #NerdingOut posts! What fandom should I create an outfit for next? Let us know in the comments below. Want to share your #NerdingOut with us? Remember to use the #NerdingOut hashtag for a chance to be featured on our social media outlets!

wayward sisters
Pentagram Wayward Sisters by nerdout featuring silver jewelry

The Art of Fashion at 221B Baker Street

We’re thrilled you guys have been loving the #NerdingOut posts so much! Last week we shared with you our Southside Serpent/Jughead Jones outfit. This week we are delighted to bring you this 221B Baker Street outfit for your next murder mystery adventure! With Sherlocked Con USA just around the corner, this Sherlockian outfit is perfect to attend the event! We had a blast last year and captured some amazing cosplay! Many of the guests were super creative with their attire. We’re looking forward to seeing what everyone is wearing this year. Will you be attending? Let us know in the comments.

221b baker street

221B Baker Street

This Polyvore set has been a favorite of mine and I’m so glad to finally share it with you. The center piece is a Sherlocked shirt from Prophecy Girl! If you haven’t already checked out our post on her Star Wars inspired line, make sure to do so! It’s lovely and out of this galaxy! Pair the shirt with Espionage Cosmetics’ nail wraps in Baker Street! I wore them to last year’s con and they were a HUGE hit! Everyone was asking where I got them. They also glow in the dark with the smiley face. Espionage Cosmetics is really wonderful about putting in those little nerdy nods to fandom. Finally, the 221B silver key is a delightful flourish to finish off the outfit.

221b baker street

A Colorful World of Comics Inspired Jewelry

+3 to Charisma is a nerdy lifestyle company owned and operated by a geeky woman (me!) and her gamer guy who love quality, handcrafted comic book jewelry and accoutrements. All their products are designed to boost your personal charisma stats and to help you better express your love for the nerd, geek, science, gamer and general fandom communities.

A Passion for Jewelry

My Hired Henchman #1 Johnny Leary and I, the Designer Extraordinaire, are inspired by the colors, textures and patterns of various fandom’s characters and themes, which are then echoed in each of their unique accessory collections. My love affair with jewelry began when I was small, playing dress-up with my mother’s clothing and antique pins. One of my favorite childhood treasures was a box of mismatched jewelry and pins I purchased at an auction for one dollar, of which several of those pieces I still have today. Later, in high school, I learned how to make beaded jewelry and how to solder metals in art class, making pieces to wear and to give to family and friends. Although I decided to become a trained archaeologist, I never lost my passion for jewelry. In 2006, I opened a side business creating handmade jewelry and textiles with my sister, and then finally opened an Etsy shop in 2009.

[envira-gallery slug=”plus-3″]

Johnny and I met just out of high school and he quickly introduced me to the world of comics and the fandom community, attending comic cons together since the early 2000s. However, many times I expressed frustration at the lack of affordable-yet-pretty nerdy jewelry options at cons and online. As a working professional, I was not encouraged to wear character symbols at the office or to business meetings. I loved that my favorite characters were instantly recognized by specific color combinations and wanted to draw that mental memory recognition into my pieces. So, at Johnny’s urging and with his assistance, I set out to design wearable jewelry that relied not on symbols, but on the color palette.

A Colorful World of Comics

Our extensive research and keen eye for color matching resulted in the creation of the Superheroes vs Villains Collection for +3 to Charisma in 2016. This founding jewelry series was inspired by the Silver Age of comics; Anna used vintage glass, sterling silver and genuine leather to capture the specific colors from the 1950-60s to represent such characters as Wonder Woman, Batman and Captain America. However, the enticing part of the jewelry is that identical colors often mean different characters to different people; for example, a red/black Red Skull ring can also be attributed to Deadpool, Harley Quinn or even Darth Maul. New pieces and mini-series are being added all the time, most recently a necklace and earring set inspired by the release of Thor Ragnarok.

+3 to Charisma jewelry sets personal style at the forefront so the wearer can shine in everyday life, in a professional setting, at a comic con, while #NerdingOut or just saving the world. The accessories are all designed so that only the wearer and others in the community will be “in the know” when the jewelry is flaunted, the cosplay props are flashed, the tabletop accessories are presented during a game, the textiles are worn, etc.

#NerdingOut with +3 to Charisma

Johnny and I are super excited because what started as a small, separate collection within her larger jewelry shop has materialized into its own business. I’m so busy with new designs, accessorizing fashion shows and participating in comic cons and local markets that I closed my main jewelry business and am concentrating full time on creating new accessories for the nerd/geek community, many of which will be released within the next few months. The goal is to provide affordable accessories so that #NerdingOut can be achieved anywhere, at any time, by all fans.

Wanna know where you can collect your loot? Fans and spectators are always welcome and can find +3 to Charisma at comic cons, fashion shows and local markets throughout the year, and in select comic book shops in southern California. You can also score epic drops online at www.plus3tocharisma.com. My digital home is on Instagram but Facebook and Twitter are also highly favored.

Show Your Serpent Pride With This Riverdale Outfit

It’s a new year! So that means a new you! And what a better way to show the world than to join a Riverdale gang! Right? Guys?!? I mean it worked for Jughead Jones didn’t it? Well, I guess that remains to be seen. All kidding aside, show your Serpent pride by slipping on your very own snake skin. We’re here to help you through the initiation with a Southside Serpent/Jughead Jones outfit.

jughead jonesjughead jones

Southside Serpent – Jughead Jones

With the help of Polyvore, we’re going to be rolling out some fantastic outfits you can wear anywhere! Remember, Nerding Out is about the subtle nods to a fandom or character. We’ve put these sets together with a budget in mind. The Riverdale Southside Serpents T-Shirt from Hot Topic is obviously the center piece. With just the shirt you can be Toni, Jughead, Sweet Pea, Fangs, or any of the other Southside Serpents. Add the Jughead Beanie and you’re set to be a Jug! Feel free to mix and match pieces from your closet. Have fun! Just be careful crossing Hiram Lodge!

Riverdale airs Wednesday at 8/7c on The CW
jughead jones by nerdout featuring mens satchel bags

Last Minute Geeky Gift Guide

We’re in the home stretch of the holidays! With Hanukkah nearly done and Christmas just around the corner, I know you’re keeping an eye out for something special. I know I’ve been shopping for white elephant office parties and gifts for colleagues. This list was really hard to narrow down as there is so much amazing nerdy merchandise on the market! For those who haven’t yet picked up a special gift for friends or family, here’s our geeky gift guide! Prices are current as of post date, after that, they may change.

geeky gift guide

1. Star Wars Princess Leia Cape Jacket – $47.12

Her Universe has LOADS of awesome Star Wars apparel so it was really hard to pick just one item. However, Princess Leia is legendary so we had to pick this wonderful, beautiful cape jacket piece. This white jacket is the perfect addition to your wardrobe! “Based off of her white gown at the end A New Hope, this white jacket features a zip front with a hematite Rebellion zipper pull, and becomes a cape when your arms are raised or lifted.” Definitely check out our Her Universe giveaway as well!

geeky gift guide

2. Westworld Pop! Television Dolores Robotic Figurine New York Comic Con Exclusive – $14.99

Who wasn’t watching Westworld this year!?! Check out this exclusive Westworld Pop! Television Dolores New York Comic Con Exclusive. This 3.75 inch Vinyl figure is the perfect addition to your Funko collection. It’s in limited quantities, only while supplies last so hurry!

geeky gift guide3. Game of Thrones Risk  – $74.99

Inspired by the hit HBO series and the classic game of Risk comes the Game of Thrones Risk board game. “Like Risk, rally your troops, lead them across the globe, and rule the world. You’ll need to carefully plan your strategy and face your opponents on the battle field. The game features two ways to play, including factions of noble Houses vying for control of Westeros during the time of The War of the Five Kings and Daenerys Targaryen’s rise to power in Essos.” Our founder, Michelle Jensen, owns this game already and loves it! It’s a perfect geeky gift for your boardgames buddies!

geeky gift guide

4. Star Trek: TNG Uniform Hoodie – $60.99

A Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform Hoodie is the perfect gift for a geek guy friend.

“Our partners at Mighty Fine took these hoodies to the next level. Not only do they have screen-accurate colors and embroidered combadges – they have actual raised collars AND rank pips! So you can say, “Call me Lieutenant Commander,” when you wear it. Or even, “I prefer Captain.”

geeky gift guide

5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Shield Backpack – $29.99

This geeky gift guide would be remiss without at least one video game themed gift! “Cram all your books into this backpack modeled after the Traveler’s Shield from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to protect them. It has a padded back and straps (to protect you), and a double zippered closure so you can get to your stuff quick. Because we’ve heard it’s dangerous to go alone.

As an added bonus you can’t get in game, its bright blue features a print of the Sheikah’s Eye Symbol and a padded laptop/tablet sleeve. It’s best suited to helping you carry stuff, not so much defending against weak monsters or animals. Oh, and don’t actually use it for shield surfing.”

geeky gift guide

6. Riverdale Southside Serpents Girls T-Shirt Hot Topic Exclusive – $17.17

A Riverdale T-shirt that reminds everyone who which side of town you’re from. The Southside Serpents are the best gang in town, but with this Southside logo T-shirt (and hopefully Jughead, Toni, and Sweet Pea) by your side, you’ll be okay. It’s an excellent gift for any Riverdale fan!

geeky gift guide

7. Doctor Who Plaid Flyaway Cardigan – $43.92

Patiently await the new Doctor in this comfy and adorable cardigan! This flyaway cardigan from Doctor Who is the perfect gift for any Whovian. The beige and navy plaid cardigan has a discreet “Police Public Call Box” text design knit into the plaid pattern.

geeky gift guide8. Marvel Classic Captain America Shield Backpack – $59.99

On your back, it looks just like Steve Rogers’s shield, straps and all. A hard plastic shield will protect your valuables. Inside, a large main pocket, two accessory pockets, and a padded laptop/tablet pocket. And to make sure your Captain America Shield Backpack is comfy on your back for long missions, they’ve made it all nice and padded. But even the padding has been geeked out a bit, as it looks just like Captain America’s uniform front!

geeky gift guide

9. The Book of Barb – $14.99

Stranger Things is wonderful at celebrating the 80s in all their nerdy glory. “Barb is relatable, responsible, and the bestie who always tries to be there for you, trying to help you make the right choices, at least until things go all upside down. The Book of Barb is a 96-page hardcover by Nadia Bailey featuring full-color illustrations by artist Phil Constantinesco. Celebrating Stranger Things‘s trendsetting style icon and ultimate wing woman, Barb, the book features guidance, quizzes, mix-tape recommendations, and more.” What’s more perfect for a geeky gift guide than Barb?

geeky gift guide

10. Harry Potter Hogwarts Quilted Kisslock Satchel – $37.42

This quilted burgundy satchel from Harry Potter with the Hogwarts crest and golden tone hardware is a magical nerdy gift for your wizard and witch friends. Perfect for a day at Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter, your next convention, or for a bit of #NerdingOut!

geeky gift guide

11. Star Wars Darth Vader Blazer – $119.99

“You’ll be most impressive when wearing this sharp black Darth Vader blazer. Featuring embroidered control panel lights on the left chest, Imperial cog buttons, and cut-and-sew satin stripes at the shoulders, the subtle Dark Lord of the Sith details will make everyone think twice before boasting about their new technological terrors in your presence.” It would make a perfect piece to compliment a couple’s #NerdingOut outfit with the Star Wars “Dark Side of the Moon” shirt from Prophecy Girl.

geeky gift guide

12. Star Wars C-3PO Satin Souvenir Jacket – $63.92

It’s hard to believe that 40 years ago in a galaxy far, far away we were introduced to Star Wars. “Wear your heart and your love of Star Wars on your sleeve with this satin souvenir jacket that pays homage to the fortieth anniversary with an embroidered logo chest hit. The back features beautifully detailed embroidery of R2-D2 and C-3PO on Tatooine as seen in A New Hope. The jacket is finished off with gold tone sleeves and lightsaber printed lining.”

Celebrate The Last Jedi with a New Star Wars Collection from Her Universe

As I’m sure everyone in the known universe is aware, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is here! I’ve been waiting for this day since details of the movie were first announced. This movie will be incredibly bittersweet since we’ve lost our beloved General Leia, but I know it’s also going to be amazing in a way words can’t describe. One of my favorite parts of going to see any of the new Star Wars films in theaters, aside from the movie watching itself, is figuring out my movie premiere outfit. While my fellow Star Wars loving ladies may not have had many options to dress up for the original trilogy premieres, we’re lucky enough to now have Her Universe. Not only do they carry everything a nerd girl could dream of to wear, but they just released their latest Star Wars collection and it is on point!

her universe

About Her Universe

Perfect for fangirls everywhere, Her Universe offers clothing in a wide variety of fandoms for all females, regardless of size.

Her Universe, the groundbreaking fangirl fashion company and lifestyle brand, is the vision of Ashley Eckstein, actress, entrepreneur and voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Ashley has been widely recognized as a business woman, Fangirl trendsetter and leading voice for female fandom. Founded in 2010, Ashley launched Her Universe with the mission to create stylish, fashion-forward merchandise for female sci-fi fans. Her Universe is a place for fangirls to step into the spotlight and be heard, recognized and rewarded.

Not only are their clothes fashion-forward, but the quality is excellent and the pieces are designed in a way that managed to make all body types look great. As a plus-size female it’s refreshing to be able to find nerdy, stylish clothes that I can actually wear and feel comfortable Nerding Out in. I know I would have next to no fandom wear if it wasn’t for Her Universe carrying larger sizes.


her universe
Slay all day in this Captain Phasma Bomber Jacket


Her Universe New Star Wars Collection

Released just in time for the newest film, The Last Jedi, everything about the new Star Wars collection from Her Universe screams Star Wars perfection while managing to find versatility within each piece. The attention to detail on all of the pieces completely blows me away. So many of the clothing pieces can be dressed up or down and they’re all a great way to show off your love of Star Wars during any occasion, be it a fun party, running errands, or while watching the new movie in theaters. From t-shirts, vests, jackets, dresses, and more, this collection has you covered for all of your Star Wars fashion needs.


her universe
How cozy does this Chewbacca vest look?



I definitely had a major fangirl moment when this collection was released and now you can, too. We’ve partnered up with the nerd-tastic team at Her Universe to bring you a giveaway that’s out of this world. We are offering one Captain Phasma Bomber Jacket and one Chewbacca Vest for giveaway. That means there will be very lucky 2 winners. Enter below and may the Force be with you!

Her Universe

Join the Darkside With Prophecy Girl Apparel

I love seeing new talent on the geeky clothing market. Prophecy Girl popped onto my feed a new months back and I was instantly impressed with the multitude of nerdy prints! I started a dialogue with her shortly after and we discussed her upcoming pieces. One such item is the “Dark Side Of The Moon” shirt. Not currently available in her store, but soon! I love this Star Wars apparel! You’ll notice it takes it’s inspiration from the Death Star.

“I find your lack of faith disturbing”

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi, just mere days away we’re thrilled to be sharing this amazing #NerdingOut look with you! With the subtle nod to the Death Star and the actual Death Star necklace this is a perfect outfit to go from office to movie screening. The necklace is from the Disney Store. I bought it while at Disney Springs near Walt Disney World this past summer. I unfortunately cannot find a link for it, but you can find similar ones on etsy.

This is once again, a fantastic photoshoot brought to you by Katie Be Photography. We had a great time using the textured stairway to give the shoot a grungy style and feel. Katie really knocked it out of the park on this one!

[envira-gallery id=”232543″]

Prophecy Girl’s Star Wars Apparel

What is currently available in Prophecy Girl’s store for Star Wars fans is the “I Rebel” Racerback, Need a Captain Pin, and the Galactic Spy Shirt. All great choices for your adventures with the Force, or for holiday gifts! I know a few nerds who would love one of these for Christmas!

[envira-gallery id=”232533″]

We’ll have more #NerdingOut looks coming very soon! Let us know how you are bring Nerding Out into your style. We’ve been sharing photos on our Instastory of you guys! Share your photos with us by using #NerdingOut! In the mean time, may the Force be with you!

Channeling the Unusual Disposition of Luna Lovegood

Since my last post was about an entire outfit. I wanted to narrow this one to a specific item. This time the Spectrespecs – Enamel Pin Lapel Pin by The Geek Studio on etsy. Remember, with Nerding Out it can be as general as an entire fandom (ie. Harry Potter), or as specific as a single aspect of a character (ie. Luna’s Spectrespecs). In this case, it’s obviously a small nod to Luna Lovegood.

luna lovegood

“Some people call me ‘Loony’ Lovegood, actually.”

Luna Lovegood is a beloved character by many. My outfit for this shoot was all about being as low key as possible. The hat, dress, glasses, and necklace were just random items I had in my closet. I feel as if they give it a different personality, a more whimsical one like Luna’s. You can really pull off any dress or shirt with a pin of your choice. That’s what is so lovely about #NerdingOut, it’s simple and doesn’t have to cost a ton.

“The girl gave off an aura of distinct dottiness. Perhaps it was the fact that she had stuck her wand behind her left ear for safekeeping, or that she had chosen to wear a necklace of Butterbeer caps, or that she was reading a magazine upside down.”

Apologies for the delay in bringing you even more Nerding Out! I promise we’ll have more in the coming weeks. How do you bring Nerding Out into your style? We’ve been sharing photos on our Instagram of you guys! Make sure to share your photos with us by using #NerdingOut!

Header image by Xoeyslitphotos, other images by Katie Be Photography

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