Last Minute Geeky Gift Guide

We’re in the home stretch of the holidays! With Hanukkah nearly done and Christmas just around the corner, I know you’re keeping an eye out for something special. I know I’ve been shopping for white elephant office parties and gifts for colleagues. This list was really hard to narrow down as there is so much amazing nerdy merchandise on the market! For those who haven’t yet picked up a special gift for friends or family, here’s our geeky gift guide! Prices are current as of post date, after that, they may change.

geeky gift guide

1. Star Wars Princess Leia Cape Jacket – $47.12

Her Universe has LOADS of awesome Star Wars apparel so it was really hard to pick just one item. However, Princess Leia is legendary so we had to pick this wonderful, beautiful cape jacket piece. This white jacket is the perfect addition to your wardrobe! “Based off of her white gown at the end A New Hope, this white jacket features a zip front with a hematite Rebellion zipper pull, and becomes a cape when your arms are raised or lifted.” Definitely check out our Her Universe giveaway as well!

geeky gift guide

2. Westworld Pop! Television Dolores Robotic Figurine New York Comic Con Exclusive – $14.99

Who wasn’t watching Westworld this year!?! Check out this exclusive Westworld Pop! Television Dolores New York Comic Con Exclusive. This 3.75 inch Vinyl figure is the perfect addition to your Funko collection. It’s in limited quantities, only while supplies last so hurry!

geeky gift guide3. Game of Thrones Risk  – $74.99

Inspired by the hit HBO series and the classic game of Risk comes the Game of Thrones Risk board game. “Like Risk, rally your troops, lead them across the globe, and rule the world. You’ll need to carefully plan your strategy and face your opponents on the battle field. The game features two ways to play, including factions of noble Houses vying for control of Westeros during the time of The War of the Five Kings and Daenerys Targaryen’s rise to power in Essos.” Our founder, Michelle Jensen, owns this game already and loves it! It’s a perfect geeky gift for your boardgames buddies!

geeky gift guide

4. Star Trek: TNG Uniform Hoodie – $60.99

A Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform Hoodie is the perfect gift for a geek guy friend.

“Our partners at Mighty Fine took these hoodies to the next level. Not only do they have screen-accurate colors and embroidered combadges – they have actual raised collars AND rank pips! So you can say, “Call me Lieutenant Commander,” when you wear it. Or even, “I prefer Captain.”

geeky gift guide

5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Shield Backpack – $29.99

This geeky gift guide would be remiss without at least one video game themed gift! “Cram all your books into this backpack modeled after the Traveler’s Shield from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to protect them. It has a padded back and straps (to protect you), and a double zippered closure so you can get to your stuff quick. Because we’ve heard it’s dangerous to go alone.

As an added bonus you can’t get in game, its bright blue features a print of the Sheikah’s Eye Symbol and a padded laptop/tablet sleeve. It’s best suited to helping you carry stuff, not so much defending against weak monsters or animals. Oh, and don’t actually use it for shield surfing.”

geeky gift guide

6. Riverdale Southside Serpents Girls T-Shirt Hot Topic Exclusive – $17.17

A Riverdale T-shirt that reminds everyone who which side of town you’re from. The Southside Serpents are the best gang in town, but with this Southside logo T-shirt (and hopefully Jughead, Toni, and Sweet Pea) by your side, you’ll be okay. It’s an excellent gift for any Riverdale fan!

geeky gift guide

7. Doctor Who Plaid Flyaway Cardigan – $43.92

Patiently await the new Doctor in this comfy and adorable cardigan! This flyaway cardigan from Doctor Who is the perfect gift for any Whovian. The beige and navy plaid cardigan has a discreet “Police Public Call Box” text design knit into the plaid pattern.

geeky gift guide8. Marvel Classic Captain America Shield Backpack – $59.99

On your back, it looks just like Steve Rogers’s shield, straps and all. A hard plastic shield will protect your valuables. Inside, a large main pocket, two accessory pockets, and a padded laptop/tablet pocket. And to make sure your Captain America Shield Backpack is comfy on your back for long missions, they’ve made it all nice and padded. But even the padding has been geeked out a bit, as it looks just like Captain America’s uniform front!

geeky gift guide

9. The Book of Barb – $14.99

Stranger Things is wonderful at celebrating the 80s in all their nerdy glory. “Barb is relatable, responsible, and the bestie who always tries to be there for you, trying to help you make the right choices, at least until things go all upside down. The Book of Barb is a 96-page hardcover by Nadia Bailey featuring full-color illustrations by artist Phil Constantinesco. Celebrating Stranger Things‘s trendsetting style icon and ultimate wing woman, Barb, the book features guidance, quizzes, mix-tape recommendations, and more.” What’s more perfect for a geeky gift guide than Barb?

geeky gift guide

10. Harry Potter Hogwarts Quilted Kisslock Satchel – $37.42

This quilted burgundy satchel from Harry Potter with the Hogwarts crest and golden tone hardware is a magical nerdy gift for your wizard and witch friends. Perfect for a day at Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter, your next convention, or for a bit of #NerdingOut!

geeky gift guide

11. Star Wars Darth Vader Blazer – $119.99

“You’ll be most impressive when wearing this sharp black Darth Vader blazer. Featuring embroidered control panel lights on the left chest, Imperial cog buttons, and cut-and-sew satin stripes at the shoulders, the subtle Dark Lord of the Sith details will make everyone think twice before boasting about their new technological terrors in your presence.” It would make a perfect piece to compliment a couple’s #NerdingOut outfit with the Star Wars “Dark Side of the Moon” shirt from Prophecy Girl.

geeky gift guide

12. Star Wars C-3PO Satin Souvenir Jacket – $63.92

It’s hard to believe that 40 years ago in a galaxy far, far away we were introduced to Star Wars. “Wear your heart and your love of Star Wars on your sleeve with this satin souvenir jacket that pays homage to the fortieth anniversary with an embroidered logo chest hit. The back features beautifully detailed embroidery of R2-D2 and C-3PO on Tatooine as seen in A New Hope. The jacket is finished off with gold tone sleeves and lightsaber printed lining.”

Celebrate The Last Jedi with a New Star Wars Collection from Her Universe

As I’m sure everyone in the known universe is aware, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is here! I’ve been waiting for this day since details of the movie were first announced. This movie will be incredibly bittersweet since we’ve lost our beloved General Leia, but I know it’s also going to be amazing in a way words can’t describe. One of my favorite parts of going to see any of the new Star Wars films in theaters, aside from the movie watching itself, is figuring out my movie premiere outfit. While my fellow Star Wars loving ladies may not have had many options to dress up for the original trilogy premieres, we’re lucky enough to now have Her Universe. Not only do they carry everything a nerd girl could dream of to wear, but they just released their latest Star Wars collection and it is on point!

her universe

About Her Universe

Perfect for fangirls everywhere, Her Universe offers clothing in a wide variety of fandoms for all females, regardless of size.

Her Universe, the groundbreaking fangirl fashion company and lifestyle brand, is the vision of Ashley Eckstein, actress, entrepreneur and voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Ashley has been widely recognized as a business woman, Fangirl trendsetter and leading voice for female fandom. Founded in 2010, Ashley launched Her Universe with the mission to create stylish, fashion-forward merchandise for female sci-fi fans. Her Universe is a place for fangirls to step into the spotlight and be heard, recognized and rewarded.

Not only are their clothes fashion-forward, but the quality is excellent and the pieces are designed in a way that managed to make all body types look great. As a plus-size female it’s refreshing to be able to find nerdy, stylish clothes that I can actually wear and feel comfortable Nerding Out in. I know I would have next to no fandom wear if it wasn’t for Her Universe carrying larger sizes.


her universe
Slay all day in this Captain Phasma Bomber Jacket


Her Universe New Star Wars Collection

Released just in time for the newest film, The Last Jedi, everything about the new Star Wars collection from Her Universe screams Star Wars perfection while managing to find versatility within each piece. The attention to detail on all of the pieces completely blows me away. So many of the clothing pieces can be dressed up or down and they’re all a great way to show off your love of Star Wars during any occasion, be it a fun party, running errands, or while watching the new movie in theaters. From t-shirts, vests, jackets, dresses, and more, this collection has you covered for all of your Star Wars fashion needs.


her universe
How cozy does this Chewbacca vest look?



I definitely had a major fangirl moment when this collection was released and now you can, too. We’ve partnered up with the nerd-tastic team at Her Universe to bring you a giveaway that’s out of this world. We are offering one Captain Phasma Bomber Jacket and one Chewbacca Vest for giveaway. That means there will be very lucky 2 winners. Enter below and may the Force be with you!

Her Universe

Survive the Apocalypse with the Official The Walking Dead Cookbook

Now that The Walking Dead is back (and with Halloween just around the corner), I have zombie apocalypse on the brain. We’ve all seen zombie preparedness guides and after 7 seasons of watching Rick do his thing, I like to think I could get by. Rick and the gang have really shown us how to make it work with scavenging limited resources, finding weapons, and even having a green thumb through gardening. It’s hard to remember everything from seasons past, but now that I have the official The Walking Dead cookbook, I have all of those resources in one handy book.

The Walking Dead Cookbook and Survival Guide

the walking dead cookbook

When I was offered a copy of The Walking Dead cookbook to review, I jumped at the opportunity because this is more than just a cookbook, but a survival guide as well.

Season after season, The Walking Dead has been enthralling fans, drawing millions of viewers, and consistently breaking viewership records. Approaching its eighth season, the pop culture phenomenon has been the number one show on cable for five consecutive years and is the most watched series in cable television history.

From people foraging to fuel up for survival to buying allegiance with cookies, there’s no doubt that food plays an integral role in the series. With the dying need for these recipes, Insight Editions is pleased to announce the publication of The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide, offering unique recipes and survival tips inspired by AMC’s hit series.

The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide details the skills and recipes anyone would need to survive (while trying to avoid being eaten!) during an unexpected walker apocalypse. The cookbook features more than sixty mouthwatering recipes for breakfast, dinner, drinks, and even dessert, including iconic meals inspired by those featured on the show, such as Carl’s Chocolate Pudding, Carol Peletier’s Cookies, and Daryl Dixon’s Deer Stew.

The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide also contains vital information on foraging, hunting wild game, and cooking outdoors to help make the transition into any emergency scenario slightly less terrifying.

The Survival Guide

the walking dead cookbook


The first chapter of the book, Food Survival Basics, has every tip you could think of for surviving any type of situation, be it a zombie apocalypse or some other emergency scenario. For starters, there’s a list of basic essentials you should always have in your home as well as how to come up with a game plan in case things go south quickly. This section also tells you how to find and treat water, build a fire, forage for food, hunting basics, and more. This chapter alone is something everyone should read.

The Cookbook

the walking dead cookbook

The Walking Dead cookbook has 5 chapters all devoted to food. There’s a chapter dedicated to breakfast, main course, sweep treats, beverages and libations, and preserved foods. The photography on the food is amazing – everything, despite using relatively simple ingredients and preparation all looks delicious. The one thing I was hoping to find, and was not disappointed, was Carol’s beet and acorn cookies. That moment in the show was a turning point for me with Carol. It was when we really see that she knows exactly what she’s doing and how to get people to think what she wanted.

I cannot recommend The Walking Dead The Official Cookbook  and Survival Guide enough. It’s not only full of amazing looking recipes, but it’s got plenty of practical information in it, too. This would make an excellent gift for any The Walking Dead fan.


We at Nerd Out have a special giveaway for you. To celebrate the release of The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide and the premier of The Walking Dead season 8, we’re giving away a Funko Pop! of the very badass, Carol Peletier. Open to US and UK.

Carol Funko Pop

Happy 2nd Birthday Nerd Out!

Two years ago, Nerd Out became available in app stores. Two years and about 5 months ago I first came up with the idea of an event calendar for nerds. For those of you who haven’t heard our origin story. It all sparked when I had trouble finding events as they were scattered across different platforms. Today, we no longer have that issue. The calendar is not only available on the app, but as a website. For 77 locations across the United States, England, and Canada they have one central location, Nerd Out. 77 locations is the most we’ve ever had! And we’re not stopping there. Our plan is to fill out the rest of the United States, then the United Kingdom and Canada. From there we’ll add other locations such as Australia and more of Europe. Then….WORLD DOMINATION!

Big changes are coming for Nerd Out. I feel we have begun a new chapter of our story and I’m so thrilled to be able to share it with all of you. First, if you’re reading this you’ll probably notice we have a brand new website! We’re still working on a couple of bugs, but we wanted to bring you a site that focuses strongly on the events, rather than just a landing page. We’re also going to be adding in a load more giveaways and discounts for you guys. Think Groupon for Nerds. We want to give you guys more and this is the beginning of it. So make sure to sign up for the Top 5 Events Guide for your area. And check out our giveaway page for a special birthday present from Wizard World Chicago!

We’ve also decided to pull Gaming from the app. Not all gaming, gaming based conventions and special events will remain, but the weekly MtG and FNM type events are gone. We made this decision based on user feedback. But also because nearly every comic store has these events and we want to focus on the more unique events you aren’t going to find anywhere else.

Another big change here is Nerd Out Adventures

An adventure awaits you with fellow nerds into the landscapes of your favorite books, films and TV shows. Travel to far off places, delve into activities like your favorite characters, and most importantly…meet new friends!

We’re so excited to bring you physically to these amazing locations. They will be a unique and unforgettable trips with fellow nerds! It really is the pinnacle of what Nerd Out is all about (Find friends. Do cool stuff.) Make sure to sign up for the Nerd Out Adventures newsletter to be the first to know about our upcoming trips!

The Nerd Out Squad is going strong with it approaching 800 members in just a matter of months! The Squad is created as a social club. To give nerds a place to meetup, mix & mingle, and get to know each other. This has been our favorite part of Nerd Out lately as we’ve been able to meet a number of you in person! I do hope you join us soon if you haven’t already 😉

Finally, we have some excellent stuff in the pipeline. We don’t want to give too much away so I’ll just leave you with a sprinkle of hints. With the Squad doing so well, we’ve decided to bring more of a “lifestyle” aspect to the company. Keep an eye out for what #NerdingOut will be. Also, a podcast maybe in the works for you guys to get a behind the scenes on what it’s like here at Nerd Out HQ!

A special shoutout to those behind the scenes making it all happen! Danielle, you’re a lovely person to work with and an even better friend. I’m so glad we were finally able to meet this summer! You’ve been a part of Nerd Out for a while via the Nerd Squad (volunteers who help submit events) and now are part of the company as our marketing/outreach branch. I truly appreciate you!

Nick, you take care of the blog for me. It is a huge help to have a arm of the beast taken care of. You’re a great champion of the Nerd Out brand and it is greatly appreciated. You as well, were part of the Nerd Squad and have been with us for a while. I truly appreciate your help!

Lisa you’ve been an inspiration to me. I see you as a big sister I have and will learn loads from. I’m so happy we sat down back in February for dinner as it has changed the direction of Nerd Out for the better! I can’t wait to galavant to far off places with you! You’re one of the strongest, most intelligent, and worldly people I know! Lots of love to you!

I’d like to thank you (yes YOU reading this right now!) for supporting us these last 2 years! It is because of you we do this. Nerd Out has always been about community. Helping others, bringing people together, and giving you an experience you can’t get anywhere else. We can’t wait to share with you even more amazingness! It means so much to us that we’re all in this together. Here’s to many, many more years to come!


Michelle Jensen

Otherworlds – A Steampunk Paradise in Seattle

Shout out to the Nerd Out friends and family in the Seattle area. Are you familiar with a very special pocket dimension disguised as a retail store? That Steampunk paradise is the one and only Otherworlds. Located in Edmonds, WA, Otherworlds is a book store/tea party/gaming and music haven. Craving some Victorian Steampunk, futuristic science, or magical fantasy? Then you need to visit Otherworlds.

Recently, the Otherworlds team expanded, opening their store online. For those of you who may not get to visit in person, don’t worry. You can still access the wide variety of costumes, DIY kits, jewelry, art and more. For some details on Otherworlds, we spoke with the crew.

Otherworlds: How it all Began

Nerd Out: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. I know that you opened for business in 2012. What was the decision-making process on making the leap? What made you decide on this very special kind of shop?

Otherworlds:  Well, we wanted to sell things we were enthused about.  We were both booksellers, but when you have a guy yell at you for not guaranteeing your Health section will cure his foot fungus, you start to really long for the days you get to introduce a middle-schooler to the science-fiction/fantasy section and watch their eyes get huge and blissful.  We wanted more of that.

A Day in the Life

NO: You have something for everyone, from Whovians to tabletop gamers to costumers. What is a typical day or week in the life for you and your patrons at the shop? Is there even a “typical” day?

OW:  The best days are when people come in and get excited.  We weird some people out, Christians that think our store is a bunch of dark stuff it isn’t, people that come in and tell us they can get cheaper costumes at Wal-Mart, or say our LARP weapons are too expensive for a child’s allowance, but when a twelve-year-olds jump up and down at sight of the Dalek, or somebody tells you all about how she felt taller after watching Wonder Woman, it’s so fun.  It’s worth it.

Events at Otherworlds

NO: I noticed that you have a book club and often feature local authors like Bernadette Pajer and the Foglios. Do you feel a special place for supporting local talent? Is this something unique to Otherworlds?

OW:  One of the fun things about being in Edmonds is the amount of local talent.  You meet one neat artist, and they introduce you to seven friends that are authors, painters, inventors, and then there’ll be a few that are hard to quantify (a bit like our store).  We definitely try to support local art and artists–it’s the biggest different between us and big box stores, knowing you can come here and see things you won’t see anywhere else.

NO: Local authors and artists aren’t the only folks you support. Can you touch on some of your activism efforts? I saw a few things in the online store that I thought were really excellent.

OW:  Well, I had this heartbreaking incident where we were doing a Victorian Christmas party with dancing, and these two young girls came in and asked really nervously whether they would be allowed to buy ‘couples’ tickets.  They were probably younger than fifteen.  So if you’re talking about the “Fight Fascism With Queer Romance” t-shirt, or the “Steampunk Lesbian Love Stories”, yeah, I make an effort to find things that will fit in our store and let people know they’re supported and in a safe place.  We’d like to do more with that–for a while we were doing bingo nights for charity, but we need people to run it!

Otherworlds Goes Online

NO: Speaking of the online shopping, when did you decide to open the virtual store?

OW:  We’ve been trying to figure out how for the five years since we opened, but there were oh, loads of reasons it didn’t work, least of which learning how to pack and ship hundreds of different artist pieces without breaking them!  And it’s been ridiculous trying to get it to be mobile-friendly–we’re still working on that.  But anyway now we can send most of the money to the artist, who completes the order, so we can even offer custom stuff!  And the artist doesn’t make it until money changes hands, so neither us nor they are putting a bunch of work out and not making sales.  We’re super excited, you can tell from my rambling.

NO: You have support from a strong geek community, including Outdoor Trek, AFK Tavern, Around the Table, and others. Do you think there’s something that drives geeks to support one another? Is there something about the culture?

OW:  I really think there is.  When you’re geeky about football, or knitting, it’s usually not too hard to find someone to talk to about it, but for a long time people felt really alone in their love of old British TV shows, or adults were embarrassed to discuss the storylines in comics.  People have said we feel like a home to them, and they do get really excited feeling like they can talk to each other about all their delights.  People really value that.

Visit Otherworlds

NO: What are some of your upcoming events and where can we find news on the latest Otherworlds happenings?

OW:  Well, the biggest one is Friday Night Game Night, 6-9pm, any board or card games people want to play–mostly adventure.  But we also have a book club the fourth Thursday of every month at 7pm, and we’re working with a couple new startup maker spaces to get crafting nights rolling again.  Our website has an events page to check in with and buy tickets (crafting nights tend to have some materials cost), or you can follow us on FB or join our Meetup group for notifications.

NO: Anyone you’d like to give a virtual “shout out?”

OW:  Oh, definitely the people you named, Outdoor Trek, Another Castle who regularly sends people our way, Steamposium could use some love.  Thanks so much!  

NO: Thanks for taking the time. Our readers can find more about this wonderfully unique shop and experience if for themselves by visiting Otherworlds online. Ok, Nerds, go visit this crew for some artwork, clothing, jewelry, or whatever fits your fancy!

Geek Girl Strong’s 1Up Your Health Challenge

Did you have a 2017 New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or get healthy? Has it already been forgotten? Fear not! Geek Girl Strong has got you covered!

First of all, don’t get yourself down. Studies show that as many as 88% of people fail to meet their New Year’s Resolution, with 43% giving up in the first month. It’s the reason you can’t get a treadmill at the gym in January, but by February, the drive-thru line for Chik-Fil-A is around the block. Here’s the good news. You can hit the reset button and get back on track, and Stormy Riot and her team are here to help. Even better, they’re going to celebrate your nerdiness in the process!

Who is Geek Girl Strong?

Geek Girl Strong (GGS) is on a mission to help all girls & women realize that they are the super heroines they have been waiting for. They are an inclusive health-coaching community for EVERY body, targeting people who identify as girls/women and do not fit into any one box. They care about or are interested in their overall wellness and would like a sidekick by them during their journey.

Working through the GGS program and joining our community allows those who accept the challenge to better their level of wellness in all the seven dimensions: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical.

GGS was founded by Stormy Riot (Physical Education, B.S., Health Education, M.S. Ed., ACE Certified Health Coach). After years as a teacher, she developed the program to put together overall wellness, female empowerment, and her “geeky qualities.”

The Nerd Factor

For those who love to geek out over their favorite nerdom, health vocabulary can mix with nerd vocabulary to make every goal attainable, fun and relatable.

Achievements (Unlocked)
Bonus Level
Boss Fight
Coins/XP points
Hidden Level
Insert More Coins
Red Ring
Utility Belt
Wrong way!

The 1Up Your Health Challenge

The GGS 1Up Your Health Challenge is designed to help women and girls work toward their health goals, regardless of where they’re starting or what they’ve done in the past. Beginning on February 19th, the 2nd annual challenge is flexible in the exercises involved and the costs. Stormy and her team have no set rates, and ask only for donations to the cause.

The Activities

During the challenge, participants will be coached and have a chance to work with Stormy Riot. They will also:

  • Get daily emails with a new daily challenge
  • Gain access to a private Facebook group
  • Become a member of the growing Geek Girl Strong community
  • Create habits that fit with the geek girl’s lifestyle
  • Be invited to the LIVE 1Up Results Challenge Online Master Class

The master class will feature webinar style meetings with the Geek Girl Strong League of Extraordinary Women. These sessions feature coaching, Q and A, and opportunities for participants to add to their utility belts! (*Whispers* Raffles, there will be raffles.)

GGS wants more complex female characters, because that’s what we are.

Join the challenge by clicking the link below.

Begins February 19th!
Join Geek Girl Strong for our 2nd online health challenge.
Work towards your health goals …and only pay what you want!

A Moment of Magic Restoring the Magic of Believing

What is A Moment of Magic Foundation?

A Moment of Magic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that allows college students to volunteer as different characters at pediatric hospitals and social service institutions. We operate on the mission of restoring the magic of believing at a time when a child needs to ‘just be a kid’. Reminding them to be brave, strong, and fearless.

What made you want to start the Foundation?

Myself and my co-founder and best friend, Maggie McAndrew founded the organization in 2014. As just a fun way to give back to our community. We never realized the impact we could have or how much we would fall in love with it. But it has completely taken over our lives in the best way possible. Meeting so many incredible kids and families with such life-changing stories really made us want to do more. So in March 2016 we decided to become a nonprofit organization.

What kinds of services do you provide?

We really cater the the organization, hospital, or family we are working with. We’ve done bedside visits, playroom visits, classroom visits, large event appearances, sing-a-longs, arts and crafts, individual visits, and facetime visits.

You take special care with training your volunteers. Can you tell us more about that?

Absolutely. What we do is so important and particular, our volunteers attend a 1.5 hour training once a week. We cover everything from talking, walking, and posing like a princess to HIPPA laws. To working with kids that are terminal, to even teaching specific phrases in Spanish and Sign language. What we do is so sensitive and we work with a community of children that deserve to have these dreams come true. But live in a reality where they may never be fulfilled. We need to be the same quality that they would receive if they were completely healthy and had all the resources to visit a theme park.
Moment of Magic Foundation

What’s been your favorite event/service?

I love all of the amazing things I get to do on a daily basis. But one of my favorite aspects have been visiting children with cancer individually, whether it be their birthday, or their last day of chemo, or before they go into hospice care. Getting to visit children in such a personal way on such a special day and being welcomed into their hospital rooms or homes is such a gift that I will always treasure.

The 250 Challenge that raised money for pediatric cancer just concluded. What’s the next challenge you’ll have?

The next challenge that we have is called Avery’s Challenge. Avery didn’t always have the ability to cheer with her cheerleading team because she was battling an even bigger opponent: neuroblastoma. Unlike other kids her age, Avery didn’t get to spend her time practicing flips and cheers, but instead was fighting for her life. Every day, seven children lose their ability to play sports, dance in a recital, score their first touchdown, or learn their first cheer due to pediatric cancer. And every day 250 children are diagnosed with pediatric cancer. If you want to play for them, YOU CAN. By wearing our colors, our logo, doing a cheer to honor a child we met, or play a game in honor of a fighter, you can give your game purpose and raise awareness for one of the most underfunded and underrepresented diseases in the world. We are challenging sports teams to wear gold and purple and raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer.

If some wants to get involved, how do they go about that?

They can reach out to me on our contact page on our website,

Mystery Subscription Box for Lady Geeks!

1. Tell us exactly what FanMail is.

FanMail is a bi-monthly (every other month) mystery subscription box for lady geeks! We curate each box around an overarching theme, and choose fun fandom items for the box based on the theme. We also source at least one item per box from a woman-owned small business or woman artist!

2. Where did the idea come from for FanMail?

Rose: I had subscribed to a few pop culture mystery boxes, and none was really capturing the fandoms I loved. I realized that a lot of that was because many of the featured fandoms were more likely to have a lot of fans who were men. My fandoms weren’t being represented, and so I asked Jenny if she wanted to help me create a box that not only concentrated on fandoms we (and other lady geeks) love, but also helped support other women who are out there making amazing things!

Jenny: I thought this was such a cool idea! Fandom is such a unique space and it is full of super creative fan creators and artists. We wanted to capture all of that in a box!

3. How did you two meet?

Rose: We actually met our first year in college at Brandeis University! My roommate, Sara, was good friends with Jenny, so we ended up in the same friend group and hung out throughout college!

Jenny: We had some of the same favorite TV shows – we both loved Smallville, Charmed and Merlin!

4. Why do you think FanMail is an important service?

Because we acknowledge both the power of fandom and the power of women. We are always looking for ways to support small businesses run by women and women who are out there creating pop culture content, or characters that are well-developed, diverse and compelling! We also love that we’ve been able to connect with so many people who love these fandoms as much as we do – they’re not just subscribers to us, they’re our community!

5. How long has FanMail been in existence?

We shipped our first box in June 2015! 🙂

6. How do you pick your themes?

That’s a big question! We look at the time of year, take into account events in pop culture that might be happening when our boxes ship, but we also absolutely love to come up with creative themes that just speak to us and fandoms we haven’t seen represented! We’ve had everything from “Super Sheroes” to “Galentines & Valentines” to “Toon Time” and we’re always coming up with new themes that we can’t wait to share!

7. What are some of your favorite past theme(s)/ item(s)?

Rose: I think that my favorites were February’s “Cracking the Case” (we got to include detective/crime-procedural fandoms like Sherlock, Hannibal, X-Files and Veronica Mars) and May’s “Magical Mystery” (Miyazaki, Penny Dreadful, Charmed – we did a P3 shirt!, and Pushing Daisies) – they just hit on a lot of my favorites, and have a good balance of classic and new fandoms!

Mystery Subscription Box for Lady Geeks

February 2016 – Cracking the Case

As for fave items…the nail wraps that we’ve done with Espionage Cosmetics (an amazing lady-run company out of the Pacific Northwest!) are probably my favorites. We did Orphan Black-inspired ones (They’re called “Sestrahood of the Traveling Genes”) as well as Harry Potter Hermione-inspired ones for San Diego Comic-Con this year (“‘Mione’s Magical Mani”). I also have a soft spot for the coloring book we created for “Wars Among the Stars” and the Lumberjanes variant comic book cover we did with IDW.

Jenny: One of my favorite themes so far has been April’s “This Means War”. This box contained some fun and unique items that I really loved curating and creating!

We worked with an artist to create an adorable Captain America: Civil War t-shirt and also designed a “Let’s Do The Time War Again” coaster, which was a mash up of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Doctor Who. We also partnered up with publishers to showcase upcoming science fiction and fantasy novels written by women by including a chapter sampler, a bookmark, and even a lip balm in the box!

Mystery Subscription Box for Lady Geeks

April 2016 – This Means War

I love the “Galentines & Valentines” greeting card set that Christie Hartman designed for us! They had some of my absolute favorite quotes on them, including “I’m with you ‘til the end of the line” from Captain America: Winter Soldier and “You poetic, noble land mermaid” from Parks & Recreation. I also really enjoyed the incredibly cute “Super Sheroes” magnetic bookmarks Kat and Derek from BeedooTO  made for us, featuring Storm, Lady Thor and Spider-Gwen!

P.S. Some of what’s mentioned above is available on our one-time shop and you can always see what we’ve done before on our Past Boxes page.

8. Can you give us any hints on any future themes?

We can tell you our October theme is “Things That Go Bump” and that we’ll be bringing you a month of spooky stories with the help of the International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club! We’re also announcing our first guest-curated box! Our friend, and amazing fangirl, author Sam Maggs (The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy) has helped us create a limited-edition box themed around her upcoming book “Wonder Women: 25 Innovators, Inventors, and Trailblazers Who Changed History”!

9. Anything else you’d like to add?

We’re always looking for fangirls and lady geeks to connect with, so follow us on social media or join our Facebook group! And if you’re in the Massachusetts area, Jenny will be at the first ever LadiesCon on September 17th! Come say hello and experience our “Build Your Own FanMail Box” station!

AND we’ll both be at Geek Girl Brunch NYC’s “Girls Night Out at NYCC” this year!

Mystery Subscription Box for Lady Geeks

May 2016 – Magical Mystery

You Knead These Nerdy Bakery Goods

It you missed our 1 Year Anniversary blog post…SHAME *ding* *ding*, but here’s your chance to make up for it! Kneady Bakery is the lovely company that provided all the yummy baked desserts we had at the party. CEOs / Co-Owners / Co-Founders Kati Angelini and Ashley Guerrero! You Knead these Nerdy bakery goods in your life!!

I’ll let them take over from here….

kneady bakery
suPIEnatural bar for Kings of Con Wrap Party

The 2 Baked Girls

The 2 Baked Girls (Kati and Ashley, CEOs & Co-Founders of Kneady, LLC.), personally create unique and original custom dessert and brunch bars for: Birthdays, Weddings, Showers, Kids’ Parties, Corporate Events & Meetings, VIP Celebrity Galas, On-Set & Backstage Catering, Award Shows & After Parties, Fundraisers, Gifting Suites, Book Clubs, Brunches, and ‘Enchantment Under the Sea’ Rhythmic Ceremonial Rituals. For smaller, more private events, or for personal hangovers or munchi cravings, the 2 Baked Girls will personally deliver items by the dozen right to your Los Angeles or Ventura County door with a 24 hour turn-around time.

kneady bakery
Jammie Doctors – Taste And Relative Deliciousness In Shortbread – photo by NIKKI MCFADDEN

They ARE the nerds you’re looking for. Any nerdy, geek-gourmet event, the 2 Baked Girls will theme the entire table to any fandom! There is no doubt that if you are hosting a nerdy event, you are KNEADY’s people, and they would be proud to serve on the Galactica with you. The 2 Baked Girls do NOT ship or have a storefront location (yet!), they rent commercial kitchen space, so every online order and catering event is made to order and does not include any preservatives.

Backstory on the girls? Kati and Ashley met freshman year of high school. Most of the time they ditched class to go to Disneyland or diners in Hollywood or just watch movies all day. When they did go to school, no one would enter into conversation with them because they quoted movies too much. (Eh, what do we care?) They’ve said it before, and they’ll say it again: NO CAKES OR CUPCAKES! (No, not even for you.)

Kati and Ashley met freshman year of high school. Most of the time they ditched class to go to Disneyland or diners in Hollywood or just watch movies all day. When they did go to school, no one would enter into conversation with them because they quoted movies too much. (Eh, what do we care?)They’ve said it before, and they’ll say it again:NO CAKES OR CUPCAKES! (No, not even for you.)


kneady bakery
Triple Chocolate Lord VoldeSMores – You-Know-Mmm

About our new “In Knead” program:


We are a tiny, barely profitable company who has squeezed our way into the Industry because we are fans. This is a really awesome way to merge our pop-culture obsession with our love of baking and creativity. We are lucky to be able to live in a country where two young women in their early 20’s can wake up one day with an idea, quit their soul-sucking day jobs to start a business (with literally NO money and HORRID credit), and make it grow into something they can be proud of.

Fandom and Charity

Something that makes people happy, and makes them laugh, and makes them nostalgic for their favorite movies, and makes them sick from eating too many Lord VoldeS’Mores (which we are not liable for..). But what if we took a page out of the Supernatural Family and Zachary Levi‘s book, and merged our fandoms with a way to give back? The solution was simple: donate $1 of each dozen treats ordered to the favorite charity of that treat’s fandom. For instance: For each dozen of Rice Krispin Glovers ordered, $1 will be donated to the Michael J. Fox foundation, and so on.

Read the full story and inspiration on our blog here:

Eat your fandom for those #inKNEAD.

Celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary of Nerd Out

Just over a week ago on August 12, 2016 we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Nerd Out! August 12th marks the day Nerd Out was launched in the Apple and Android (Google Play) app stores! We had a phenomenal party to celebrate the occasion! Thank you to everyone who attended! I wish all of you could have been there. Know that I thought of you all as we celebrated! Many of you are across the country, and some even in the UK and I truly appreciate all of your support! And will hopefully celebrate with you in coming years!

The Perky Nerd

We hosted the party at The Perky Nerd in Burbank. If you haven’t already checked out this awesome coffee/comic shop, make sure to do so! Tiffany (pictured above), the owner, has been hosting a ton of awesome events! (including our trivia!) The party was planned by the lovely ladies of Geek Chic Promotions. I’ve been lucky enough to attend a bunch of their parties and they are always fantastic! For this occasion they really went the extra mile in making sure to incorporate the technology theme. Glow sticks in the drinks was a fabulous future of technology touch. I was especially pleased with the stars hanging from the ceiling which listed each location we list on the app. Also make sure to check out the adorable rock candy cake they made!

The ladies of Kneady Bakery were kind enough to incorporate the theme as well with quirky nerd quotes in the desserts. My favorite being the silhouettes of Han and Leia, ‘1 Year’, ‘I Know’. Everyone loved their Lord VoldeS’mores and Robert Brownie Jr’s.

anniversary of nerd out


Siegda was marvel-ous in getting me a pair of their Black Widow Peep Toe Glitter Heels in time for the party! I had a blast Disney bounding as Black Widow! (she is typically Disney now) Make sure to check out more on Siegda’s awesome shoe selections on their website.

Please make sure to check out the links for all these awesome people! Party wouldn’t have happened without them!

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Headpiece made by

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