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Exactly one year ago today I came up with the idea of Nerd Out. I was driving on my way home from work when it hit me. My life has changed completely since that moment. For those of you who don’t know, I thought up the app because of my blog, Your Friend Elle. I had been invited to a number of events because of it. However, I found keeping track of the information difficult since some information was on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

I thought about myself 8 years ago, when I was new to town. Having moved across country from NY to Orange County. What would have happened had I known about all these awesome events going on? It’s possible it would have taken less than the year it actually took me to make friends. So that’s why I made Nerd Out. For the new to town peeps and the well versed peeps who just need the extra help keeping track. Nerd Out has always, and always will be a passion project for me.

Many of you on here know that I also have a day job. A 60 hours a week day job. I make the time to update the app, research new locations, connect on social media, and more to bring you all the best events I possibly can. I’ve been lucky to have Monica to help encourage and work on the app with me. While also taking care of a family of 4, she somehow still finds time to be ‘the Nerd Out cheerleader’. Jill, James, Rachel, Chris, Michaela, Breanna, Amber, The Nerd Squad, and more have been lovely supporters of Nerd Out and it’s mission, to unite nerds!

I write this letter to let you know that I truly appreciate everyone who downloads the app, uses it, shares it with friends and family, submits events, and continues to support our mission. Everyone who has done so not only helps to grow Nerd Out, but more importantly is helping other nerds. Stories like Megan’s below is why I love Nerd Out so much!


“Hey!! I just wanted to take a sec and thank you for creating this app! My younger brother (also a nerd) recently moved to Portland, and doesn’t know anyone in the city except my parents. My Mom told me he was getting depressed because of how lonely he was and didn’t have any friends. After she told me, I whipped out the app, located Portland and sent him links to 2 game shops that had events going on. He attended both and had a blast, he’s made friends and even joined a DnD group. So thank you!!! You’ve made him happy, and his big sister (me) happy!” – Megan

With the little that we have, we’ve been able to do a lot. We have accomplished a lot since we launched in August. We’ve gone through many changes, hurdles, and continue to learn. We will continue to do so. This past week we’ve gotten a number of requests for new listings from places like Norway, New Zealand, Vancouver, Southampton (UK), Louisiana, Nebraska, Tennessee, and Spain. I promise you, we will get there. My dream is to have Nerd Out be global. However, to bring you the best possible, I aim to maintain quality over quantity. So it may take a little while, but we will get there. Thank you all for your continued support and love!

Here’s to another year!

Your Friend, Michelle (Elle)

Michelle L. Jensen

Michelle L. Jensen

Founder at Nerd Out
Blogger, fangirl, and most importantly, a nerd. She's also the creator of Nerd Out. Originally from Long Island, NY. She now resides in Los Angeles.
Michelle L. Jensen

Author: Michelle L. Jensen

Blogger, fangirl, and most importantly, a nerd. She's also the creator of Nerd Out. Originally from Long Island, NY. She now resides in Los Angeles.

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