Happy 2nd Birthday Nerd Out!

Two years ago, Nerd Out became available in app stores. Two years and about 5 months ago I first came up with the idea of an event calendar for nerds. For those of you who haven’t heard our origin story. It all sparked when I had trouble finding events as they were scattered across different platforms. Today, we no longer have that issue. The calendar is not only available on the app, but as a website. For 77 locations across the United States, England, and Canada they have one central location, Nerd Out. 77 locations is the most we’ve ever had! And we’re not stopping there. Our plan is to fill out the rest of the United States, then the United Kingdom and Canada. From there we’ll add other locations such as Australia and more of Europe. Then….WORLD DOMINATION!

Big changes are coming for Nerd Out. I feel we have begun a new chapter of our story and I’m so thrilled to be able to share it with all of you. First, if you’re reading this you’ll probably notice we have a brand new website! We’re still working on a couple of bugs, but we wanted to bring you a site that focuses strongly on the events, rather than just a landing page. We’re also going to be adding in a load more giveaways and discounts for you guys. Think Groupon for Nerds. We want to give you guys more and this is the beginning of it. So make sure to sign up for the Top 5 Events Guide for your area. And check out our giveaway page for a special birthday present from Wizard World Chicago!

We’ve also decided to pull Gaming from the app. Not all gaming, gaming based conventions and special events will remain, but the weekly MtG and FNM type events are gone. We made this decision based on user feedback. But also because nearly every comic store has these events and we want to focus on the more unique events you aren’t going to find anywhere else.

Another big change here is Nerd Out Adventures

An adventure awaits you with fellow nerds into the landscapes of your favorite books, films and TV shows. Travel to far off places, delve into activities like your favorite characters, and most importantly…meet new friends!

We’re so excited to bring you physically to these amazing locations. They will be a unique and unforgettable trips with fellow nerds! It really is the pinnacle of what Nerd Out is all about (Find friends. Do cool stuff.) Make sure to sign up for the Nerd Out Adventures newsletter to be the first to know about our upcoming trips!

The Nerd Out Squad is going strong with it approaching 800 members in just a matter of months! The Squad is created as a social club. To give nerds a place to meetup, mix & mingle, and get to know each other. This has been our favorite part of Nerd Out lately as we’ve been able to meet a number of you in person! I do hope you join us soon if you haven’t already 😉

Finally, we have some excellent stuff in the pipeline. We don’t want to give too much away so I’ll just leave you with a sprinkle of hints. With the Squad doing so well, we’ve decided to bring more of a “lifestyle” aspect to the company. Keep an eye out for what #NerdingOut will be. Also, a podcast maybe in the works for you guys to get a behind the scenes on what it’s like here at Nerd Out HQ!

A special shoutout to those behind the scenes making it all happen! Danielle, you’re a lovely person to work with and an even better friend. I’m so glad we were finally able to meet this summer! You’ve been a part of Nerd Out for a while via the Nerd Squad (volunteers who help submit events) and now are part of the company as our marketing/outreach branch. I truly appreciate you!

Nick, you take care of the blog for me. It is a huge help to have a arm of the beast taken care of. You’re a great champion of the Nerd Out brand and it is greatly appreciated. You as well, were part of the Nerd Squad and have been with us for a while. I truly appreciate your help!

Lisa you’ve been an inspiration to me. I see you as a big sister I have and will learn loads from. I’m so happy we sat down back in February for dinner as it has changed the direction of Nerd Out for the better! I can’t wait to galavant to far off places with you! You’re one of the strongest, most intelligent, and worldly people I know! Lots of love to you!

I’d like to thank you (yes YOU reading this right now!) for supporting us these last 2 years! It is because of you we do this. Nerd Out has always been about community. Helping others, bringing people together, and giving you an experience you can’t get anywhere else. We can’t wait to share with you even more amazingness! It means so much to us that we’re all in this together. Here’s to many, many more years to come!


Michelle Jensen

Michelle L. Jensen

Michelle L. Jensen

Founder at Nerd Out
Blogger, fangirl, and most importantly, a nerd. She's also the creator of Nerd Out. Originally from Long Island, NY. She now resides in Los Angeles.
Michelle L. Jensen

Author: Michelle L. Jensen

Blogger, fangirl, and most importantly, a nerd. She's also the creator of Nerd Out. Originally from Long Island, NY. She now resides in Los Angeles.

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