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Fake Nerd Guys Podcast

For the main course, is an exclusive interview with the founder of the Nerd Out App, Michelle Jensen. A great app that all nerds, fake and real alike should download.

And finally for dessert, we’ve prepared a delightful new course of a Manga. It’s Ben’s fault.

Geek Chic Stef

This a utility app/social network hybrid that aims to connect nerds around the world. It’s a really simple but effective event calendar app, allowing people from tons of different cities to list conventions, tournaments, and other geeky events in their area. With an event inventory ranging from Geek Girl Brunches to Lightsaber Battles or Geeks Who Drink Pub Nights, this app has it all!

Temple of Geek

Trying to keep up with all the events that the geek world has to offer can be a bit of a problem. In order to keep track of everything, you had to either go to the event’s website or social media page and track it yourself. Michelle Jensen decided that something needed to change. so she created the Nerd Out App for IOS and Android devices.

Women in Tech Show

Michelle Jensen founder of Nerd Out, talks about her path to becoming a female founder and her app that helps you find your community IRL, not just online.

Dumbbells and Dragons - Ep. 035

This episode is with Elle Jensen, all over the socials as Your Friend Elle. She is bringing nerds together with her app, Nerd Out, a calendar of amazing nerdy events in a ton of amazing locations! Download it today!

Geekscape 429: Nerding Out With Michelle Jensen!

Our friend Michelle Jensen drops by Geekscape this week to tell us all about her Nerd Out App and how it can helps us geeks find things to do! Looking for a geek screening, party or event? Want to post one for yourself? Nerd Out App is the way to go! On top of that, Kenny tells us about how he ALMOST made it to Twitch Con and loves killing innocent people to classic hits in ‘Mafia III’!

Crazy 4 Comic Con

Just in time for San Diego Comic-Con, the Nerd Out App is now Live! My friend Elle has come out with Nerd Out: The only app nerds need!

The Daily Fandom

If you’re tired of having to keep track of Facebook events and many other sites not to miss any geeky events are you, then Nerd Out is here to make things way easier for you.

The Con Guy

Enjoy themed drinks and win raffle prizes as you watch your favorite artists draw their version of the Amazing Amazon. Each piece of artwork will promptly be auctioned off by the lovely Michelle Jensen, founder of Nerd Out App with the majority of the proceeds going to the Hero Initiative.

Geek Wolfpack Podcast - Episode 6

Geek Wolfpack Podcast gave Nerd Out a shoutout on Episode 6!

Kinda Dating Podcast

Michelle (a social networking app for nerds) founder Nerd Out AppJensenjoins Natasha to discuss all things online dating, including their own horror stories! How important is it to look like your picture? What does your profile say about you? The best ways to approach a girl. And dick pics. Yup. The girls break it all down in this fun episode of Kinda Dating, presented by Meltdown Comics and Collectibles!

The Sorting Podcast

Yesterday’s episode of #SortingPod featured Nerd Out App! If you’re looking for nerdy things to do in your area, make sure to check it out!

Legion of Leia Podcast Ep. 51

On this week’s Legion of Leia Podcast episode 51, my co-hosts Anastasia WashingtonSabina Ibarra and I welcome Michelle Jensen, founder of the Nerd Out App! Want to find out about geeky happenings in your city? This is the app for you!

The Geeky Fashionista

Last month, I attended the wonderfully fun and geeky 1 year anniversary party for Nerd Out at The Perky Nerd in Burbank and what a party it was! Read on for all the nerdy details!

Geektitude - Ep. 45 – NerdCon Geek Positivity Panel

This week’s episode is our second of 2 panels from Nerd Con. In this episode, we talk about how to be a better fan and how to be a positive influence in your geek communities.

Bunker Buddies Podcast

In this week’s Would You Do It, check out and the Nerd Out app! Our Buddy in the Bunker this week is the hilarious Joseph Scrimshaw.

Woman Up! Podcast

Woman Up! Podcast ep 30 – Changes A’Comin!

Jack of All Nerds Podcast

We welcome Michelle Jensen, founder and CEO of the Nerd Out app to the studio to talk about blogging, cosplay, fandom, and the Nerd Out app itself.

Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

She created an app to help nerds around the world find events to meetup with fellow fangirls and fanboys, as well shine a light on some of the awesome geeky events happening around the globe.

Bad Wolf Brunch

Seriously if you need to know where to go for all the fun at Comic Con get the Nerd Out App on your phone! Awesome events including probably the biggest database of Cosplay Meet Ups are all on the app. To see the SDCC activity download the app and go to Calendar > California > San Diego. Then you can hit the drop down at the top and selection Conventions. From there you can view all the events happening during San Diego Comic Con! You will be glad you did!

The Tipsy Verse

The Nerd Out App is a great app that works seamlessly; I haven’t had any problems with crashing or bugs. It allows you to check out events near you with one quick tap. You can also connect with other nerds, add events to your favorites, and submit events.

Daily Dot

Conventions get a lot of attention, but they’re far from the only events where geeks get together. Even the occasional trivia night is only scratching the surface of what could be happening near you, and that’s where the Nerd Out mobile app comes in.

Oh Catrina

NerdOut (Apple/Android) is a self-described “mobile nerd event calendar”, and thanks to a community of editors, it is easily one of the best guides to local events for anyone looking to familiarize themselves. Specific, big panels for conventions, as well as great after parties and cosplay gatherings, can often be found in this app. NerdOut is easy to use and has been my go-to for evenings at my favorite conventions for months.

Nerds Doing Stuff

This past Saturday, in celebration with Geek Pride Day (which took place on May 25th), The Perky Nerd partnered up with Nerd Out App for a Geek Pride Day Celebration & Trivia night. If you don’t know what the Nerd Out App is, you’re missing out. Nerd Out is a mobile nerd event calendar application available for download on Apple and Android devices, so you’ll never miss out on a nerdy event again! Get on it!

Julius Vergara @mediumblast

Today’s event was hosted both by The Perky Nerd and the fine folks at Nerd Out, a new app that aggregates all the geeky events in your area in one app. Yeah, there’s an app for that now and it’s pretty awesome.

Geektitude - Ep. 27

Check out Geektitude’s podcast from Pokeoasis where we had a booth!


Michelle Jensen has a dream to unite all the nerds around the globe. And she’s making her dream into a reality with a mobile app she created called NERD OUT.


As much as nerd culture is increasing in popularity and elements of it are steadily sliding into the mainstream, it can still be difficult to track down niche events close to you. Sure, you hear about all the large conventions and conferences that go on for days and attract thousands of visitors. But the smaller, particularly one-off events are harder to come by organically, especially if you’re only visiting somewhere and we hate missing out.

The Average Geek Show - Ep. 64

The Average Geek Show discussed lots of nerd-related goodness the week of March 20th and Nerd Out got a shoutout!

Krypton Radio

Michelle Jensen works in television post production by day, but by night she’s the entrepreneur and mastermind  behind what could become one of the most important single apps in geekdom: a region based event calendar for nerds. Listing geek and nerd oriented events near you, Nerd Out is the social event listing  we’ve all been waiting for.

A hand-maintained list of conventions and gatherings from all over the world is presented at your fingertips, wherever you go, and it’s free for Android and iPhone. This is what venture capitalists tend to call “disruptive technology”, in that it tends to create a fundamental change in the way we do things.

Distracted Blogger

I remember searching fruitlessly several years ago for other conventions or meet-ups in my area, but I just wasn’t sure what to search for because I wasn’t looking for a specific event. I just wanted to know what fun and geeky options I had within a short driving distance. That sort of fruitless and frustrating searching is a thing of a past ever since Elle created the Nerd Out app.


Geektitude – the measure of one’s inner geek. Geektitude is a geek culture blog and podcast dedicated to creating a positive community for geeks of all fandoms.

Geektitude was kind enough to ask us to guest on Episode 8 of their podcast! Listen for our discussion on being geek and what’s coming up next for Nerd Out!

From Girlie to Nerdy

It was only this past May when I began From Girlie to Nerdy. I had zero clue about the world of nerd or just how into it I would get. I was really lucky that I stumbled upon the awesome Female Geek Bloggers Google+ group. Shortly after joining, Elle, one of the members posted about the fundraising efforts for her soon to be launching app, Nerd Out. Now, although I was fine with just watching movies and shows that are considered “nerdy,” I really wanted to get out and meet people and do ALL of the things. The Nerd Out app came at the perfect time for me.

The Nerdy Girlie

Ever wish you could find something fun and nerdy to do in your town?! I’m lucky to live in LA where we have all types of events happening on any given day…do I know about them all? NO! But with my good nerd girlfriend Your Friend Elle’s new app Nerd Out…YOU can!!!

Jim Boy Star Podcast

The Fairytale Traveler was a guest on the Jim Boy Star Podcast last week and gave a shout out to Nerd Out! The episode is Fairy Tale News Travels Fast. The Fairytale Traveler is a long time friend of Nerd Out so make sure to check out her site, as well as the episode itself linked below.


It became a must have for the rest of 2015 and something you would be crazy not to have in 2016 and beyond. Then the fun begins at creating your profile, with a picture, your name, location, website and a bio of yourself to share with other nerds around the globe. The first friend you receive on the app is the Mother of Nerds. (yes I made the Game of Thrones joke)

The App comes with a wall that you are able to check in and post your status, like what events you are at, the awesome merchandise that you purchased or picked up.

Nerdy But Flirty

As someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to scour the internet but still wants to attend a lot of fun events, I’m stoked!”Since anyone with a public geeky event can add it to the app for others to find. This means that someone still working on growing their audience will be able to reach more people for their event!

Dave's Nerd Compendium

Take a listen to Dave’s Nerd Compendium podcast where I guested on Episode 71! Take a listen as it may answer some of your questions about Nerd Out. Dave has large library of awesome podcasts featuring, not so surprisingly, the nerd realm, so we fit right in!

Geek Girl Pen Pals

Want to find nerdy events in your area, but aren’t sure where to look? Tired of constantly scouring the web to find geeky events near you and wish there was a simple solution? The new app Nerd Out might be just the thing you are looking for!​

The Fairytale Traveler

The all new Nerd Out App is an innovative way to bring nerds together. It’s easy to use allowing the user to open the location-based app and see exactly what nerdtastic events are happening and when. From cult movies to comic cons and every nerdy thing between, it’s the only app bringing people together in the nerd universe. It’s a one-stop shop for information on nerdy events.