Augmented Reality is Everywhere but Nowhere

Grab your phones and make sure they have a full charge and head downtown to LADADSpace for the Everywhere but Nowhere Augmented Reality and  Virtual Reality pop-up instillation.  We had a chance to visit the pop up this weekend and the experience was out of this world. This interactive exhibit is a look at groundbreaking work in the augmented and virtual realities that go well beyond what you have seen before.

Transformation of VR Headgear

The gallery walls are lined with over 30 Raku ceramic heads showing the progression of VR headgear as it’s transformed over the years.  The large heads with the beautiful sculpture work and Raku technique will draw you around the room as the VR equipment evolves.

Integration with Apps

Among the masks hang interactive AR prints that hide secrets and the reason you want to venture to the gallery with a fully charged phone. The Zenka Ar prints work with their app.  Download and open the app and hold it up in front of the prints around the gallery and watch them come to life.  Each piece has different AR animations when you view through the app so I won’t spoil how each one comes to life but in a world where everyone is on their phones all the time it’s a beautiful way to use that device to view the world in a whole new way.

Michael Frenchs’ interactive piece is featured prominently in the center of the gallery.  It looks like an overturned rowboat covered in wires but using his app the piece comes to life.  Hashtags and twitter feeds control the motors attached all over the boat in real time, our words in the ether create a digital piece of art that’s alive and ever changing.  Hard to describe but so visually satisfying as you interact with the piece.

Universe of Sculptures

Blortasia art is displayed throughout the gallery.  Combining physical art and VR Kevin Mack has created 3d art that you can experience not only as physical art but it’s a world you can explore in Virtual Reality.  Soar through this universe of sculptures as they move and change and evolve. The VR experience is not available during all gallery hours so please check their website to confirm.

From Blortasia to Augmented Realty is a perfect transition before you head out back into the LA Arts district where more surprises have been hidden around the area. Augmented reality takes real elements, geo-locations and interactive materials and blends everything together.  Using the Layar App you can see the gallery is the first of multiple locations around the arts district that you can find those hidden AR gems.

As we blend reality and the virtual world artists have an open landscape to work in.  LADADSpace has created a cool environment to showcase AR and VR to show its use beyond what we have become accustom to.

LADADSpace is located in the LA Downtown Arts District across from Barcade 82 near the intersection of East 3rd st and Traction Ave.  Close to Angel City Brewery, Hauser & Worth gallery, surrounded by a variety of local eateries as well as shopping it’s a great location to spend and afternoon and get in some AR knowledge.

Check out more at the Official Site HERE.