Geek Girl Strong’s 1Up Your Health Challenge

Did you have a 2017 New Year’s Resolution to lose weight or get healthy? Has it already been forgotten? Fear not! Geek Girl Strong has got you covered!

First of all, don’t get yourself down. Studies show that as many as 88% of people fail to meet their New Year’s Resolution, with 43% giving up in the first month. It’s the reason you can’t get a treadmill at the gym in January, but by February, the drive-thru line for Chik-Fil-A is around the block. Here’s the good news. You can hit the reset button and get back on track, and Stormy Riot and her team are here to help. Even better, they’re going to celebrate your nerdiness in the process!

Who is Geek Girl Strong?

Geek Girl Strong (GGS) is on a mission to help all girls & women realize that they are the super heroines they have been waiting for. They are an inclusive health-coaching community for EVERY body, targeting people who identify as girls/women and do not fit into any one box. They care about or are interested in their overall wellness and would like a sidekick by them during their journey.

Working through the GGS program and joining our community allows those who accept the challenge to better their level of wellness in all the seven dimensions: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical.

GGS was founded by Stormy Riot (Physical Education, B.S., Health Education, M.S. Ed., ACE Certified Health Coach). After years as a teacher, she developed the program to put together overall wellness, female empowerment, and her “geeky qualities.”

The Nerd Factor

For those who love to geek out over their favorite nerdom, health vocabulary can mix with nerd vocabulary to make every goal attainable, fun and relatable.

Achievements (Unlocked)
Bonus Level
Boss Fight
Coins/XP points
Hidden Level
Insert More Coins
Red Ring
Utility Belt
Wrong way!

The 1Up Your Health Challenge

The GGS 1Up Your Health Challenge is designed to help women and girls work toward their health goals, regardless of where they’re starting or what they’ve done in the past. Beginning on February 19th, the 2nd annual challenge is flexible in the exercises involved and the costs. Stormy and her team have no set rates, and ask only for donations to the cause.

The Activities

During the challenge, participants will be coached and have a chance to work with Stormy Riot. They will also:

  • Get daily emails with a new daily challenge
  • Gain access to a private Facebook group
  • Become a member of the growing Geek Girl Strong community
  • Create habits that fit with the geek girl’s lifestyle
  • Be invited to the LIVE 1Up Results Challenge Online Master Class

The master class will feature webinar style meetings with the Geek Girl Strong League of Extraordinary Women. These sessions feature coaching, Q and A, and opportunities for participants to add to their utility belts! (*Whispers* Raffles, there will be raffles.)

GGS wants more complex female characters, because that’s what we are.

Join the challenge by clicking the link below.

Begins February 19th!
Join Geek Girl Strong for our 2nd online health challenge.
Work towards your health goals …and only pay what you want!