Survive the Apocalypse with the Official The Walking Dead Cookbook

Now that The Walking Dead is back (and with Halloween just around the corner), I have zombie apocalypse on the brain. We’ve all seen zombie preparedness guides and after 7 seasons of watching Rick do his thing, I like to think I could get by. Rick and the gang have really shown us how to make it work with scavenging limited resources, finding weapons, and even having a green thumb through gardening. It’s hard to remember everything from seasons past, but now that I have the official The Walking Dead cookbook, I have all of those resources in one handy book.

The Walking Dead Cookbook and Survival Guide

the walking dead cookbook

When I was offered a copy of The Walking Dead cookbook to review, I jumped at the opportunity because this is more than just a cookbook, but a survival guide as well.

Season after season, The Walking Dead has been enthralling fans, drawing millions of viewers, and consistently breaking viewership records. Approaching its eighth season, the pop culture phenomenon has been the number one show on cable for five consecutive years and is the most watched series in cable television history.

From people foraging to fuel up for survival to buying allegiance with cookies, there’s no doubt that food plays an integral role in the series. With the dying need for these recipes, Insight Editions is pleased to announce the publication of The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide, offering unique recipes and survival tips inspired by AMC’s hit series.

The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide details the skills and recipes anyone would need to survive (while trying to avoid being eaten!) during an unexpected walker apocalypse. The cookbook features more than sixty mouthwatering recipes for breakfast, dinner, drinks, and even dessert, including iconic meals inspired by those featured on the show, such as Carl’s Chocolate Pudding, Carol Peletier’s Cookies, and Daryl Dixon’s Deer Stew.

The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide also contains vital information on foraging, hunting wild game, and cooking outdoors to help make the transition into any emergency scenario slightly less terrifying.

The Survival Guide

the walking dead cookbook


The first chapter of the book, Food Survival Basics, has every tip you could think of for surviving any type of situation, be it a zombie apocalypse or some other emergency scenario. For starters, there’s a list of basic essentials you should always have in your home as well as how to come up with a game plan in case things go south quickly. This section also tells you how to find and treat water, build a fire, forage for food, hunting basics, and more. This chapter alone is something everyone should read.

The Cookbook

the walking dead cookbook

The Walking Dead cookbook has 5 chapters all devoted to food. There’s a chapter dedicated to breakfast, main course, sweep treats, beverages and libations, and preserved foods. The photography on the food is amazing – everything, despite using relatively simple ingredients and preparation all looks delicious. The one thing I was hoping to find, and was not disappointed, was Carol’s beet and acorn cookies. That moment in the show was a turning point for me with Carol. It was when we really see that she knows exactly what she’s doing and how to get people to think what she wanted.

I cannot recommend The Walking Dead The Official Cookbook  and Survival Guide enough. It’s not only full of amazing looking recipes, but it’s got plenty of practical information in it, too. This would make an excellent gift for any The Walking Dead fan.


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